How a gentleman gets arrested


A gentleman being arrested in Australia offers a gently delivered avalanche of one liners, including:
"Gentlemen, this is democracy manifest."
"Get your hand of my penissss!"
"On what charge, eating a meal, a succulent Chinese meal."
"Oh, that's a nice headlock sir. Ah yes, I see you know your Judo well. Good one." 
"And you sir. Are you waiting to receive my limp penis?"
"Tata and farewell."

The Backstory

The footage dates from the 1970s, in Brisbane. The gentleman in question, Paul Dozsa, did for 40 years go from restaurant to restaurant and hotel to hotel etc paying with bad checks and otherwise avoiding the tab. He did so so frequently that he claimed to be the world recod holder in it.

Dozsa was a chef, lover of fine food and French champagne, restaurant authority, Australian Over 60 Chess Champion 2002, and believed himself to be the hapless, long-term research subject for Warsaw Pact mind control implant experiments.

He passed away in Oct 2003.

Yah, this is the reason you can't pay for a meal in a restaurant with checks...

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AlexanderTheGOAT site profile image  

9/4/13 7:14 PM by AlexanderTheGOAT

LMFAO that was great

Vulva Fabulous site profile image  

9/4/13 6:49 PM by Vulva Fabulous

I got it, his voice reminds me of Dave Thomas from Jungle Gold (he owns the claim). The way he exaggerates the 2nd syllable in the word "people" is just like him.Also, he rolls the fuck out of the letter R.when he says "Democracy".I watch this every day to giggle to myself.

RONINXOM site profile image  

9/4/13 6:49 AM by RONINXOM

This. How does he not have a movie based on his life?

Spinelock site profile image  

9/4/13 2:47 AM by Spinelock

I want to party with that guy."Only the finest whores my boy!"

Deepy site profile image  

9/3/13 6:13 PM by Deepy


BenBJJ site profile image  

9/3/13 6:07 PM by BenBJJ

Paul Dozsa - chef, news celebrity, lover of fine food and French champagne, restaurant authority (world record claimer but Pal's website doesn't go there), Australian Over 60 Chess Champion 2002 and by self-admission, hapless long term research subject for Warsaw Pact mind control implant experiments. Postcript: Sadly Paul passed away in Oct 2003. Often in newspapers, in 1989 Paul claimed the Guiness world record for an infamous 40 years plus career of serial freeloading on restaurants, hotels, railways etc and served countless prison sentences, typically defending himself eloquently but not often successfully before the courts. Paul will be remembered for his dignified (even in the face of the facts), friendly and charmingly convincing manner.

BenBJJ site profile image  

9/3/13 6:06 PM by BenBJJ

Paul Dozsa was a Hungarian Master and leading junior drawing with Portisch etc in Debrecen in 1956.On arrival in Australia in early 1965 Dozsa was wanted by police in Hungary, Indonesia and by Interpol.He performed well in the Christchurch NZ International (and was wanted by NZ police) and played for NSW, who crushed Victoria (Bd 1 Flatow-Hamilton 0.5, bd 2 P.Parr-Hanks 0.5) in the 1968 interstate match (when is the next match ? -over 100 years of matches). Dozsa played well in the 15 round 1968/9 Australian Championship in Melbourne(top three seeds were W.S.Browne, A.Flatow, P.Parr).Dozsa described himself as a Hungarian nobleman and was always very well dressed wearing a cravat etc and gave the impression that he was a person of wealth and owner of a string of high class restaurants. In those days Dozsa stayed in the finest 5 star hotels(under a variety of names) in all Australian Cities but very consistently left before paying the bill. Dozsa regularly dined and wined in Australia's best restaurants. His knowledge of food and expensive wines was unique. Of course from time to time he ended up in jail. Every time he guaranteed to the magistrate that he was extremely sorry for his actions, complimented the restaurant as serving the best food and wine he had ever had - his stated remorse led to a lighter sentence. Dozsa considered himself as the most famous person in the world for not paying restaurant bills and he told everyone he met of his achievements. On a number of occasions I told him as did others that he was a serial pest and a menace to society.His response was simple "everything you say is right - I agree it is very stupid - I have learned my lesson and he guarantees it will never happen again". P.C.Dozsa was before the courts on at least 150 occasions but most offences never got that far. Dozsa had many excuses, my wallet is in the car or he made out a cheque which bounced, or he would say my name is Paul Dozsa I never pay my bills and I am broke, it is no use calling the police as you will never be paid. Not wanting a major disturbance in a quality restaurant he often was allowed to leave quietly by management rather than have an arrest.Dozsa took great delight in telling everyone that he had perfected his crime. He would eat and drink then he said he was very ill and asked for an ambulance to be called. The manager would be very concerned of course and Dozsa was often taken to hospital.He then recovered and of course had not paid the bill. He was caught one evening when the same ambulance driver picked up Dozsa and he was back in prison. Dozsa sometimes rented a luxurious apartment paying some advanced rent, hired expensive furniture, sold it and disappeared. The list goes on and on - including the TRG matter.After a number of years a new excuse he explained to magistrates was that the Hungarian Army had implanted a device in his head which made him commit offences. This worked well for Dozsa as he was often sent for psychiatric assessment instead of jail. It was very sad that after referring to this on so many occasions that he was in fact convinced it was true.The qualified psychiatric nurses who new Dozsa well and later became men's chess champions of Australia regarded Dozsa as a unique case.Australia was invited to select one player with free entry and free international hotel accommodation as Australia's official representative in the World Seniors Championship. The ACF received an application from P.C.Dozsa. I have always expressed the view that the application from P.C.Dozsa should, without doubt, have been rejected by each and every member of the ACF Executive, Council, and the ACF Selectors. His application form marked - Rejected as applicant is unsuitable- and Dozsa advised of the firm decision. The ACF in fact considered the applicants and selected Dozsa as the most suitable candidate and officially entered him in the World Championship to officially represent Australia and the ACF. T

Juggaloey site profile image  

9/3/13 5:29 PM by Juggaloey

4 later

Vulva Fabulous site profile image  

9/3/13 5:24 PM by Vulva Fabulous

I swear I will use "Tata and Farewell" if I ever get arrested

SD CARTEL site profile image  

9/3/13 5:17 PM by SD CARTEL

"I arrested Dozsa a few times in my days in the police (back when Noah was a boy). He was a royal pain in the arse and always put on a performance. Very frustrating man to deal with."From a cop whom arrested him