Transgender man gives birth in Germany


Although the birth took place on March 18 of this year the news has only just come to light. The baby was born at home, in the Neukoellin district of Berlin, attended only by a midwife.


The father had insisted on a home birth to avoid being listed as the mother on hospital documents - a German legal requirement.

Although the father has been taking hormone replacement therapies for years he elected to retain the reproductive organs of a woman.

Because he physically gave birth to the child the unidentified man is seen as the mother, however by law he is recognised as a man.

In 2001 German law dropped the previous requirement for gender reassignment surgery in order to be lawfully recognised in a person’s perceived gender.

It was only in August of this year that Germany decided to include a ‘third gender’ option on birth certificates, where children born of indeterminate gender no longer have to be listed as either ‘male’ or ‘female’. Germany has been the first country in Europe to adopt this change.

The man’s request to appear as the father on the birth certificate has been granted, but his demand that the child’s gender not be released has been denied, according to the Daily Mail.

Authorities have overruled this and announced that the child in question is a boy. At the father's request however, details about the sperm donor or any possible relationship have been withheld to protect the child from attention.

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SlickPacific site profile image  

9/13/13 12:43 AM by SlickPacific


canuck34 site profile image  

9/13/13 12:11 AM by canuck34

Ok, that part I agree with. People should for sure have to pass a test.

CoreNobody site profile image  

9/12/13 10:50 PM by CoreNobody

A new definition to Go Fuck Yourself

Lux Fixxins site profile image  

9/12/13 10:45 PM by Lux Fixxins

So a woman who dresses as a guy had a kid.Please fix the title.

Ridgeback site profile image  

9/12/13 10:24 PM by Ridgeback

If men can now be mothers does this mean it will increase their chances of keeping the house and kids in a divorce?

White347LX site profile image  

9/12/13 10:12 PM by White347LX

Health issues aside, this woman is likely a serious whack job and I gather that only from the facts stated in the article. Her parenting skills are easily questioned simply by the fact that she is choosing to raise a child in such a unnatural way.Also, I think parents should have to apply for and receive a permit to have children! Kinda like legal immigration, applicants have to prove their worth to society before approval. If I were king for a day.... ;-)

Chimp vision site profile image  

9/12/13 6:53 PM by Chimp vision

Growing up in a house where that is considered normal cant be good for you. It will obviously have an influence on the kids life.

fanat site profile image  

9/12/13 6:45 PM by fanat

Yeah, the kid will need loads of therapy. These are not your usual 'gay' parents here. These are some fucked up people.

easedel site profile image  

9/12/13 6:41 PM by easedel

Yea thats a stable fucking person right there.

Captain Kook site profile image  

9/12/13 6:38 PM by Captain Kook

With 7 billion people on this planet there is ample opportunity for people to choose a lifestyle you would not. 7 Billion. Live and let live. You wanna be called a man even though you can give birth? No problem. I've lived long enough to know that it doesn't take a women wanting to be a man for her to be crazy. Plenty of "normal" women out there waaaay crazier than this chick, I mean, this dude.