Fishermen fight off a Great white shark


Two spear fishermen managed to fend off a great white shark when it confronted them off Western Australia.
Nathan Podmore and his friend Dave Richards were 50 metres from their boat when the Great White started circling them, near Geraldton, north of Perth.
Luckily they managed to scare if off after prodding it in the gills with their spears.
In amateur footage of the incident posted on YouTube, Mr Podmore describes how he gave the shark a "good whack" to fight it off.
"It came straight at us, it looked like a torpedo, it was massive," he said.

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qcddog03 site profile image  

9/20/13 11:30 AM by qcddog03


WhoShotYushinOkami site profile image  

9/20/13 11:16 AM by WhoShotYushinOkami

Yeah Quint and the Indianapolis speech was awesome.

Byrd site profile image  

9/20/13 10:17 AM by Byrd

white tips love to bother me while spearing.... never seen a great white while freediving and glad i havent.

Sinful1 site profile image  

9/20/13 9:22 AM by Sinful1

holy shit that was crazy

Ben Gardners boat site profile image  

9/20/13 9:14 AM by Ben Gardners boat

That is a cool video. I've heard of the shark shield. Looks like a good piece of kit. I did hear one guy in Australia still got attacked while wearing one but that was supposedly by two sharks simultaneously and the experts thought the competition for "food" made both sharks ignore the shark shield. That great white he swims with about half way through is ridiculous too! Bloody massive!

Mas Tisu site profile image  

9/19/13 7:58 PM by Mas Tisu

Wicked fast.....blacktips, grey reefs, all those little buggers!

BadRed site profile image  

9/19/13 7:06 PM by BadRed

There wouldn't be any little pokes. As soon as it was within range I'd stab him full force with my halberd.

HULC site profile image  

9/19/13 5:57 PM by HULC

Doesn't leave you with a lot of sea then does it.

IAmBatman site profile image  

9/19/13 5:51 PM by IAmBatman

The shark was probably just a bit curious, sometimes that involves taking a bite so the divers had every right to jab that mofo with a spear.I've always found sharks interesting but there is no fucking way I'd get in the sea that had great whites, tiger sharks, bull sharks etc.