Government DOD whistleblower exposes hip-hop conspiracy


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sureshock site profile image  

9/24/13 2:57 AM by sureshock


Juggernautt site profile image  

9/24/13 2:38 AM by Juggernautt

Lol thisYoshida is a loon

itskrisdude site profile image  

9/24/13 12:22 AM by itskrisdude

Everyone on the thread was calling BS for 4 or 5 fucking pages before you even contemplated it being a hoax. There were jokes being made while you sat there drooling about how big it could be. Now you're on here trying to act as if you're insightful for seeing through something utterly obvious?LOL, what the fuck is wrong with you EY? God I hope you're a troll, seriously.

EVILYOSHIDA site profile image  

9/24/13 12:12 AM by EVILYOSHIDA

also I am very critical of Alex Jones.he does not have the full picture.

EVILYOSHIDA site profile image  

9/24/13 12:11 AM by EVILYOSHIDA

^ that is false.i didn't even watch the AJ vid.I basically said it is something michael would say and it seems legit.i also said it could've been BS.I said time will tell.I made no statement regarding its authenticity.what he revealed was not shocking.. so I did not say it was 100% BS at first.Michael has said more crazy stuff publicly than what was on that vid.once again.. before the truth was revealed.. I called BS. that is a fact.

itskrisdude site profile image  

9/24/13 12:08 AM by itskrisdude

Actually, your unspeakably stupid ass was having a god damn orgasm all over this thread until OP posted a link claiming Alex Jones was calling it a hoax. Then you predictably changed your at you, in so many ways.

EVILYOSHIDA site profile image  

9/24/13 12:02 AM by EVILYOSHIDA

actually no. at i already called BS.i just said it was consistent with what MIchael would say.i also said it was ODD how he didn't go to RT to release this news.i never claimed it was authentic ever.

Juggernautt site profile image  

9/23/13 11:58 PM by Juggernautt

You said this waaay after this thing was initially posted and after time had passed and everyone was saying this is bs. You then drop how it "might" be crap, just to try an cover your ass. Its ok. This isnt rhe first time you've backed some loony shit only to have it be nonsense, to where you backtrack an say "oh well I always said it might have been"

EVILYOSHIDA site profile image  

9/23/13 11:56 PM by EVILYOSHIDA

these subverters get you hooked up on conspiracy theory. they want you to distrust and hate the government.they want you to hate the cops. this is what's called "conflict theory"they can enact social changes by getting everyone to fight each need friction to get traction.this stuff is very deep.

Juggernautt site profile image  

9/23/13 11:54 PM by Juggernautt

You are so full of shit yoshida