US police obtaining military vehicles to aid hunt for criminals


Don’t mess with Texas has assumed a whole new meaning in Dallas.

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office traveled to Fort Hood this month to acquire its own bona fide military vehicle – the International MaxxPro MRAP tactical vehicle --  courtesy of a Department of Defense surplus program.

According to The Dallas Observer, the sheriff’s office obtained the 19-ton, diesel-operated behemoth with bullet-proof doors and tires, designed by Navistar Defense.

 “The MaxxPro MRAP is built to withstand ballistic arms fire, mine blasts, IEDs, and other emerging threats,” according to the Navistar website. “Its V-shaped hull helps deflect blasts out and away from the crew and its armoring can be customized to meet any mission requirement.”

The specific vehicle obtained by the Dallas sheriff’s office was never used overseas and claims only about 10,000 miles of use, but other similar vehicles were reportedly employed by the military in war zones, and specifically to withstand roadside IEDs, or improvised explosive devices.

The Observer writes the sheriff’s office will now use it to serve warrants on wanted men.

 “Having a tactical vehicle will not only provide warrants execution with the equipment to assist in performing their jobs, but will provide an overall safety arch," Chief Deputy Marlin Suell reportedly wrote to county commissioners in informing them of the acquisition.

The vehicle costs about $600,000, but the county obtained it solely for the cost of transporting it from Fort Hood.

The Observer also reports that Dallas County is not alone in taking advantage of the MRAP surplus program.

The Murfreesboro Post in Murfreesboro, Tenn., reports the city police department acquired its own MRAP in August, prompting City Councilman Toby Gilley to reassure concerned citizens at a council meeting that it will be used to confront, “threats from armed gunmen.”

And don’t look now, but Ohio State University also counts an MRAP among its service fleet.

The college reportedly obtained one of the armored vehicles through the same means as Murfreesboro and Dallas County in mid-September.

Said Campus Police Chief Paul Denton at the time, “We pride ourselves on being self-sufficient from local authorities. Frankly, we have to be. We are the primary responder."

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Fake Pie site profile image  

10/3/13 10:27 AM by Fake Pie

So you have a problem with bullet proof vests?

sparkuri site profile image  

10/3/13 3:39 AM by sparkuri

We haven't even got a decade...

TryhardNobody site profile image  

10/3/13 3:05 AM by TryhardNobody

fo real doe?

IDXtreme site profile image  

10/3/13 3:02 AM by IDXtreme


TryhardNobody site profile image  

10/3/13 1:56 AM by TryhardNobody

So you are afraid of what MAY happen? Isnt that the same logic being used by the gov to try and take away our guns? Going against all logic and past experience and saying "well this could happen someday so lets ignore reality".

jdsga site profile image  

10/3/13 1:47 AM by jdsga

Is owning an armored vehicle illegal where you live? If not go get one.

IDXtreme site profile image  

10/3/13 1:35 AM by IDXtreme

I responded to your point. Sheriff intervened preventing wht may have been next. No, I am not afraid of cops. But apparently they are afraid of the people, unless we all get armored protection, which I'm sure they would protest.

Fake Pie site profile image  

10/3/13 1:27 AM by Fake Pie

Buuuuh buuuuh ASSAULT VEHICLES!!!A SALT!!!

TryhardNobody site profile image  

10/3/13 1:17 AM by TryhardNobody

Oh thanks for explaining the conversation to me. I know what i'm responding to. My point (in case you missed it) is that the armored personnel carriers didnt do anything at Ruby Ridge. Why would you be afraid because they were there? Are you afraid of cops? Guns? Cop cars? Helicopters? Bullets? Walkie talkies? Bulletproof vests? They were all there. Are you afraid of all of them? Just because some APCs were there when a sniper decided to shoot a woman doesnt mean you should fear APCs, because by that logic you should be afraid of everything that was there. What damage did the APCs cause at Ruby Ridge? How were the APCs any different than a fire supressed cop car which woulda done the same thing?  Was anyone shot by a cop from inside an APC?

IDXtreme site profile image  

10/3/13 1:05 AM by IDXtreme

You responded to this exchange."Who really fears this thing coming for them in their house besides you crazy CT'ers."Waco and Ruby Ridge come to mind.---------------------------------I simply proved they were there. Why else would they be unless they were intending on using them? Look at the pictures. I think the fear is justified as demonstrated by both of these events. Were it not interrupted by the Sheriff, who knows what would have happened next.