Store clerk charged with murder for stopping theft


A Corpus Christi, Texas, store owner faces murder charges after he allegedly shot and killed a man for stealing two cases of beer.

Rodney Duve, 51, shot a 39-year-old "known gang member" on Saturday night as the suspect fled Duve's Quick Stop with the stolen beer, according to NBC affiliate KRIS-TV.

A man who lives across the street from the convenience store was shocked by the incident.

"He didn't have to shoot the person for two cases of beer. A life doesn't equal two cases of beer," the neighbor, who declined to be identified, told the station. However, another neighbor said he might have done the same thing in Duve's situation.

The Associated Press reported that the suspect was taken to a hospital with gunshot wounds, where he later died. Duve was held on $35,000 bond on Sunday.

Earlier this month, a Missouri liquor store clerk stopped a robbery when he pulled a handgun on a would-be thief. Video of the incident went viral.

In August, a Chicago man was arrested and charged with murder after shooting two friends and pistol-whipping another man in an argument over beer.

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JCON site profile image  

10/2/13 1:44 PM by JCON

If he shot him in the back while the POS was running away he might be screwed.I say good riddance, get rid of the scum

Tidbits site profile image  

10/2/13 8:49 AM by Tidbits

LOL. Sorry, but that is funny, because it is completely divorced from reality. Crime & Criminals will always and have always existed NO MATTER how strict or barbaric the punishment for crimes is. You do realize that the U.S. incarcerates and kills more people than any other country do you not? By your logic we should be the most crime free country in the world.

DanTheWolfman site profile image  

10/2/13 4:17 AM by DanTheWolfman

Did someone ask What kind of beer yet? Only read first page

JoeVIP  site profile image  

10/2/13 2:45 AM by JoeVIP

What the fuck are you talking about? lolWho said anything about shooting the guy for respect or so people fear you? I'm pretty sure people said they are ok with it because he was stealing.This is about a POS thief.He hasn't been convicted of murder yet.Inconsequential amount of money to you. You don't know how many times this guy or his Gang banging friends stole from the store owner.Morally wrong in your opinion. Not everyone shares the same moral ideals as you.Justice!!! More people in jail costing more tax payers money. getting free food and a roof over his head. Free medical. So he can get out and commit more crimes.Guess I'm inhumanI don't think it was sinking beneath anyone. I think he was protecting his place of business and stuff. But again I wouldn't have shot him. I just don't think the guy who did should get in trouble.I am an animal and so are you. We are all animals.

JoeVIP  site profile image  

10/2/13 2:32 AM by JoeVIP

By the way all you people upset and talking about judges and juries sure are quick to call this guy a murderer. What happened to innocent until proven guilty. He was charged with it but not convected yet.If he is convected then he is a murderer not matter what your opinion of the situation. If he isn't convicted by a jury then he is not, no matter what your opinion.

role model site profile image  

10/2/13 2:28 AM by role model

Who gives a fuck if its a single can of beer, fuck thieves.

JoeVIP  site profile image  

10/2/13 2:28 AM by JoeVIP

Never shot anyone and hope I never have to.Never killed anyone and again hope I never have to.I own a gun, A glock 23 and I carry it everyday. And hope I never have to use it in a self defense situation.

JoeVIP  site profile image  

10/2/13 2:25 AM by JoeVIP

It's not close enough. Shooting someone who is committing a crime i different then shooting someone a week later. And like I said before I wouldn't have done it but I don't feel sorry for thieves.

JoeVIP  site profile image  

10/2/13 2:22 AM by JoeVIP

I only said this because Jesus Christ was used in a previous post. And I was making a joke because it was like the person was calling me Jesus. Not sure what this post was about?

JoeVIP  site profile image  

10/2/13 2:20 AM by JoeVIP

I was just stating my opinion. He was charged with murder. If he is convicted of it then yes he murdered the guy. If he doesn't then he didn't Up to a jury.