Images to restore your faith in humanity


We are all born receptive to love, kindness, and hope. As we grow up, we discover that humans can be calculating, thoughtless, and hateful. This can turn us cynical or sickened or feeling helpless, but human beings are just as capable of the most incredible, amazing and wonderful kindness and love.

You are too.





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Wooter18 site profile image  

7 days ago by Wooter18

Good stuff.

Blue Duck site profile image  

15 days ago by Blue Duck

Best touchdown score of the season:

paw site profile image  

27 days ago by paw

Some overlap, but there's a Sometimes The World Isn't As Bad As It Seems thread that may be of interest.

ChrisAllen site profile image  

27 days ago by ChrisAllen photos of the baby without the tubes really got meet.

Tommy Gunnz site profile image  

9/19/14 7:34 PM by Tommy Gunnz


cool hand Ed site profile image  

9/19/14 8:46 AM by cool hand Ed

I would imagine that Kirik would want this back on the OG just based on the number of clicks it gets over there.clicks = money

Fight! UK Online site profile image  

9/19/14 7:46 AM by Fight! UK Online

Just do the sensible thing and move it back to the OG?

FatChrist Magic site profile image  

9/18/14 10:58 AM by FatChrist Magic

Based on the title of the thread, Ie. "Faith in Humanity", this thread should be somewhere besides the HolyGround.  We need a UnitarianGround.

Sagiv Lapkin site profile image  

9/18/14 10:39 AM by Sagiv Lapkin

Thread starter requested that it be moved to the HolyGround.

RKing85 site profile image  

9/18/14 10:38 AM by RKing85

a) this definitly needs to go back to the OGb) that video on page 58 is awesome. The guy who saved the kids in WW2.


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