Images to restore your faith in humanity


We are all born receptive to love, kindness, and hope. As we grow up, we discover that humans can be calculating, thoughtless, and hateful. This can turn us cynical or sickened or feeling helpless, but human beings are just as capable of the most incredible, amazing and wonderful kindness and love.

You are too.





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19 days ago by RKing85

can't believe I forgot about this thread. Amazing stuff in here.

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21 days ago by SpennyBenny


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25 days ago by darkness66

I crack up every time I read your name

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26 days ago by UGCTT_sakurabas ear

I love this thread and agree more eyes will get to see it on teh OG

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26 days ago by Dbulletproof

I'm with Seraldo.One of the greatest posters, of the night.

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26 days ago by Seraldo Babalu

I never would've found this thread if I wasn't bored one day and thought to myself "WTF is the holyground?"60 pages later and I'm a giant weepy vagina.Move this shit back to the OG NOW!!!

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3/28/15 4:26 PM by Panda head

TTT for feels