Scientists discover oldest signs of life on Earth in Australia


Scientists have discovered possibly the earliest signs of life on Earth – remains of bacteria that are almost three-and-a-half billion years old – in a remote region of north-west Australia.

Evidence of the complex microbial ecosystem was found in sedimentary rocks in the remote Pilbara region in Western Australia, an area which contains some of the world's oldest rock formations.

One of the researchers, David Wacey, from the University of Western Australia, said the newly-discovered evidence of bacteria "was possibly the oldest signs of life on Earth".

"There was plenty of life from the 3.4 and 3.43 billion-year-old mark – this is pushing it further back," he told The Telegraph.

"There are slightly older claims of life in rocks in Greenland – but the rocks there have been so deformed that it is very difficult to tell if what you are seeing was actually there in the first place. With these microbial systems in the Pilbara, you can see these things in the field and under the microscope. You can see how the bacteria were interacting with the sediment they were living on."

Professor Wacey said it was no longer possible to see the actual cells, but the scientists had discovered the marks left behind by large clusters, or mats, of microbes. The traces were discovered in a body of rock called the Dresser Foundation, near the town of Port Hedland.

"We don't see the microbe themselves but we large scale structures that the microbes constructed before they died," he said.

"We see tufts and wrinkles and – when we look down the microscope – we see filaments tangled in sand grains. We are also seeing organic material which are the actual microbes but they are decomposed to the point that we cannot see an actual cell. You just see a mass of carbon-rich material." The team of scientists from Australia and the United States believes the findings may help with the search for life on other planets.

"There are applications for searching for life elsewhere and knowing what to look for," Professor Wacey said.

"These microbial mats could be seen by a Mars rover... It also helps with our understanding of when life first evolved and what sort of environment it evolved in and putting firm dates on when some pretty important things happened. Ultimately, we are looking for when that soup of chemicals became something that could be called life." The findings have been published in the journal Astrobiology.

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TFK_Fanboy site profile image  

11/13/13 10:06 PM by TFK_Fanboy

Plus OP is racist. Everyone knows life started in Africa. We are all African!!!!!!

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11/13/13 10:05 PM by TFK_Fanboy


sicko site profile image  

11/13/13 9:58 PM by sicko

Some say that fossils, dinosaur bones, and other evidence that contradicts their beliefs were all put there by the devil to make people question the religion and hopefully lead them to sin

JacT site profile image  

11/13/13 9:02 PM by JacT

How old is Earth? 4 Billies or something? (not sure if correct) But that means life could have started after 500 Million years? Fucking amazing.

Stronghold site profile image  

11/13/13 7:22 PM by Stronghold

Was a gold digger dating the mass for its money?

Jack Carter site profile image  

11/13/13 1:33 PM by Jack Carter

Edit: Wrong poll

BigEyedFish site profile image  

11/13/13 1:28 PM by BigEyedFish

Im not sure. Maybe you could take a poll at church on sunday and get back to us?

Naderhood site profile image  

11/13/13 1:23 PM by Naderhood

They say stuff like "Actually, scientists disagree on the exact age of these 'life forms'. Some dont think they are billions of years old. Science cant even agree" or some such phrase where if one scientist says they're 3.8 billion years old and another says 2.7, then that automatically means they dont agree and it can therefore somehow mean 6,000 years could also be true.

Ridgeback site profile image  

11/13/13 1:22 PM by Ridgeback

Apart from fundamentalists, who believes this?

BigEyedFish site profile image  

11/13/13 1:07 PM by BigEyedFish

serious question:What do religious folk say about something that is dated in the millions or billions?If they believe the universe is 6000 or so years old, is the contention that the dating process by science is flawed and they are making mistakes (to the tune of millions, or billions of years)?