Southwest pilot 'We're going down' apparently not true


As his plane made a rapid descent to normalize cabin pressure, a Southwest Airlines pilot went on the plane's loudspeaker and apparently told passengers the aircraft was going down.

"At first it sounded like someone was coming over the PA to talk. Then it sounded like shots through the cabin, twice, back to back," passenger Grace Stroud told CNN. "Seconds later, the panicked captain said, 'We're in trouble; we're going down.'"

The flight attendants then began securing the bins, she told "CNN Newsroom" in a separate interview. One told the captain to deploy the oxygen masks.

"I'm sure everybody went through their private moments," Stroud said. "My moment was, 'OK, so this is how I'm going to die,' and 'At least it will be quick.'"

Another passenger, Shelley Wills, told CNN affiliate WTVD that the pilot made the remarks as the plane went into a nosedive when it neared the Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

"He said, 'We're going down.' And everyone is looking around like, 'Is this a joke? Is he serious?' And then you felt the nosedive."

Soon after, the Boeing 737 leveled out and made an emergency landing at the Raleigh airport.

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CryLikeAGoat site profile image  

11/14/13 2:24 PM by CryLikeAGoat

So the pilot landed the plane successfully and she's bitching about it.  What an ungrateful bitch.  

Snappy Whistleteeth site profile image  

11/14/13 12:48 PM by Snappy Whistleteeth

That's not how you spell Obama...

sadic1 site profile image  

11/14/13 12:02 PM by sadic1

At least I can tell the driver where to go and what to do though, and could take over if I really wanted to. I hate the feeling of utter helplessness on a plane.

slo ko site profile image  

11/14/13 11:57 AM by slo ko

a plane I was on in LAX hit wings with another plane while taxiing to the gate. luckily we had already landed, but the emergency vehicles still arrived to make sure the fuel tanks weren't compromised.

Res ipsa loquitar site profile image  

11/14/13 11:43 AM by Res ipsa loquitar

I woke up once to the plane repeatedly dropping hundreds of feet at a time. Turns out we almost hit another plane. Thanks Denver.

Fighting site profile image  

11/14/13 11:36 AM by Fighting

This is why I don't fly without valium or xanex.    Get looped then just come to terms with dying on the flight.  Makes it a ok.     

angryinch site profile image  

11/14/13 11:33 AM by angryinch

This.  Every time I fly, if there's an open bar anywhere near my gate I get nice and sloshed before getting on the plane.  Then I take a xanax and a dramamine and it's good night for me. 

unioncarp site profile image  

11/14/13 11:28 AM by unioncarp

You want to be in control so you would take a bus like madden? I'm pretty sure he didn't actually drive the bus.

Hunter Thompson's .45 site profile image  

11/14/13 11:27 AM by Hunter Thompson's .45

This. What was he supposed to do? Keep quiet?I guess he could have explained it a little better, but he's only human and I'm sure was kinda freaking the fuck out too.

sadic1 site profile image  

11/14/13 11:07 AM by sadic1

I don't get on a plane without a least 2 shots in me.