A Florida woman applies for job at sex shop, shoplifts toy, arrested


LeAnn Frauens, 23, went to the Intimate Treasures store in Crestview, Florida to apply for a job on Oct. 29.

After Frauens left the store, the manager noticed an Evolved "Short & Sweet" vibrator was missing from its display. The waterproof, true multispeed, 100% European Silicone, maximum intensity with minimum noise vibrator had been attached to the display by a plastic ring connected to a cord, but "due to the nature of the devices," the plastic ring could be easily slid off. And slide off it did, right into the front of Frauen's pants.

But there was security footage of the event, and the manager had Frauen's address and phone number, so it wasn't hard for police to locate the woman at her house the next afternoon. An ashamed and surprised Frauens retrieved the Short & Sweet and turned it over to a police officer, who noticed the device "appeared to have been used and not cleaned." The Short & No Longer Sweet was submitted to evidence and an embarrassed Frauens, who said she was too drunk to remember her night at Intimate Treasures, was transported to Okaloosa County Jail.

She was released on $100 bond, which is enough money to buy almost two $59.95 Short & Sweets from the Florida store. At the current Amazon price of $30.08, she could have purchased three. But thanks to the item's popularity, there's now just one left in stock at Amazon.

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derelict site profile image  

11/21/13 8:03 AM by derelict

They actually run about $60 plus $5 for shipping. Sounded like a good deal at $30 so I thought I'd pick one up for the wife lol.

khaleesi site profile image  

11/21/13 7:00 AM by khaleesi

lol, seriously.

TANK BROS site profile image  

11/21/13 6:37 AM by TANK BROS

And it was the display model. I bet she didn't even clean it before using, let alone after.

Wally Saves site profile image  

11/21/13 6:24 AM by Wally Saves

Crestview is my hometown.

-D0DG3R D0GG13- site profile image  

11/21/13 4:59 AM by -D0DG3R D0GG13-

Not hard enough for her apparently.

Soup Nazi site profile image  

11/21/13 3:57 AM by Soup Nazi


duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

11/20/13 9:24 PM by duckhuntgangsta

Is florida the only state that get's odd shit reported? Have you been to Mississippi? Crazy shit happens there all the time. The world bullies Florida. That's all I got to say a-boot that

Luncha Libre site profile image  

11/20/13 11:32 AM by Luncha Libre

Well you saw her ugly ass.You happy now?That what you wanted?I tried to spare you.

Daredevil73 site profile image  

11/20/13 11:27 AM by Daredevil73

That chick is 23?That's a hard 23 years.

lordbreakdown site profile image  

11/20/13 11:26 AM by lordbreakdown

30 bucks is a good deal. A good vibe can run you upwards of 60-70 bucks.