World's tallest waterslide opening in Kansas


Kansas City Waterpark has announced VERRUCKT, the world’s tallest, fastest, most insane waterslide ever built.

This new category of attraction will shatter all existing records and tower over the current record holder, Insano at Beach Park located in Fortaleza, Brazil which stands a towering 134.5 feet and reaches speeds of 65.2 mph.

“To ensure the record-holding statistics of this new extreme attraction, we are not going to release final height and scope of the project until we are ready to welcome our first guests,” explained co-ownerJeff Henrys. “This new MEG-A-BLASTER speed-slide is going to wow our guests and is going to be a game changer for our industry. Our greatest challenge will be to find thrill seekers brave enough to ride.”

VERRUCKT is now scheduled to open Spring 2014 at Schlitterbahn in Kansas City, Kansas.

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chaplinshouse site profile image  

7/4/14 2:59 PM by chaplinshouse

  you mean like 90 year old george bush sr for his recent 90th birthday?  

6ULDV8 site profile image  

7/4/14 11:54 AM by 6ULDV8

Yeah then for sure.  I was jumping out of airplanes when I was 25 just for kicks.   Now I'm a pussy.

Gojira Ninja site profile image  

7/4/14 11:31 AM by Gojira Ninja

Nope. I went down a 65' vert waterside and that was enough. Lots if people that were heavier set and had little physical control over their own bodies went over the side rails and got fucked up. Not this fella, thanks.

jiujitsumma site profile image  

7/4/14 11:24 AM by jiujitsumma

Before you make your final decision to ride, Here's a vid of the slide killing some innocent sandbags.

MrSmiff site profile image  

7/4/14 11:18 AM by MrSmiff

Nice work! I havent had one of those in forever. Sorry to hear about the quarry. That sucks. Happy 4th to you from up in the United Provinces of Canada. Have a fun and safe weekend my friend

Mr4NIK8R site profile image  

7/4/14 10:43 AM by Mr4NIK8R

This is why you always hold your ass off the ground on raft rides!!

Mr4NIK8R site profile image  

7/4/14 10:34 AM by Mr4NIK8R

We used to tape those things to the sides of our bike and ride around shooting each other like we were Delta Force!Ill also raise you to bb gun fights! Only rule is no fucking pellets you assholes!!!

RKing85 site profile image  

7/4/14 10:09 AM by RKing85

that looks fucking awesome.

I Wild Each It site profile image  

7/4/14 9:46 AM by I Wild Each It

Doesn't really seem to be a water slide at all...but a four person roller coaster, with a raft instead of a car. It appears the raft hinges into tracks, if I'm seeing it correctly. Then there's just some water squirting on the riders on their way down?

choadler site profile image  

7/4/14 8:15 AM by choadler

Im 42, and I had a decent bottle rocket fight last night. The local quarry is closed, so I have no where to jump anymore.