How much would this mansion cost in your area?


Real estate, casino, broadcasting, cable television, and international trade executuve Don Barden passed away following a battle with  lung cancer in Detroit in 2011.

Barden is pictured below with his wife Bella and boxing great Tommy Hearns.

n 2010, Black Enterprise magazine ranked Barden Companies as the 10th-highest-grossing black-owned company, with $405 million in revenue. While Barden never won the rights to develop a casino in Detroit, despite a plan to partner with Michael Jackson on the project, he did become the first black owner of a Las Vegas casino. He also sold a business to Comcast for more than $100 million.

Barden left behind a 7,700 square foot mansion, with six bedrooms, four full bathrooms and two half bathrooms, an in-ground Olympic sized pool, a grand staircase, and a sun room. I

Cost of the mansion on the distressed Detroit housing market? $500,000.

What would this house go for in your area?

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slm181 site profile image  

11/27/13 5:57 AM by slm181

LOL. In la jolla 5 mil might get you a small shack.

CDarwin site profile image  

11/22/13 5:48 AM by CDarwin

About 10 times that.

JustSaying site profile image  

11/22/13 5:45 AM by JustSaying

15-20m in Southern Brooklyn, NYC (Manhattan Beach)

IDXtreme site profile image  

11/21/13 11:54 PM by IDXtreme

This pool goes uphill though.

Region Rat site profile image  

11/21/13 11:40 PM by Region Rat

Houston? Prob 15 Mill

BigSleep site profile image  

11/21/13 10:13 PM by BigSleep

Way more than that on my street in TO. Just the land alone would be in that ballpark.

Entreri site profile image  

11/21/13 10:09 PM by Entreri

$5 million.I am sure in Vancouver or Toronto, it would be $20 million.

Fighting site profile image  

11/21/13 9:50 PM by Fighting

I know sometimes people move historic houses one piece at a time.  Wouldn't this be worth it?  But it for 375, and disaasemble it and move it the fuck out of there?      

TheLionAteMyDancingToyRobot site profile image  

11/21/13 9:46 PM by TheLionAteMyDancingToyRobot

Hard to think that I bought a 2 bedroom shack in northern Michigan 9 years ago for 80 grand.

WhoShotYushinOkami site profile image  

11/21/13 5:15 PM by WhoShotYushinOkami

I live in Burlington and I was thinking about 8-10.   I drive by houses like that every morning on the way to work and it would basically fit right in as just another home.   When I first moved here, I actually thought the entrance to this house was some private school. It wasnt until I punched the address into google maps that I saw it just looks like that, its actually someones home.  THE HOUSE THAT BEER BUILT 1150 Lakeshore Road East The owner: Hugo Powell, ex–big shot at Interbrew and Labatt. The house: Powell, with the help of Gold Coast real estate king Christopher Invidiata, cobbled together three adjacent lots to assemble a property big enough for Powell’s outsize vision, at a cost of $50 million. The 47,000-square-foot house is an homage to Anne Boleyn’s ancestral home. It includes a bowling alley, gym, sauna, dance floor, movie theatre, library with spiral staircase, wine cellar, chapel, tennis court and pool house that doubles as a residence for the in-laws. Powell named the estate Chelster Hall, but Oakvillians call it “the beer house.”     Heres how it compares to other mansions in the area: