Drunken ghost hunters destroy 160 year old historic building


The LeBeau Plantation house was destroyed in a fire early Friday morning in St. Bernard Parish. The Old Arabi landmark was built in the 1850s and was one of the largest plantations south of New Orleans.

The seven men in custody in connection with suspected arson of the plantation were looking for ghosts, according to St. Bernard Parish Sheriff Jimmy Pohlmann. The sheriff said the men had been smoking marijuana and drinking in the vacant house.

The men, between the ages of 17 and 31, arrived at the home late Thursday night, likely entering through a gap in the fence around the property that had been cut out by other curious trespassers over the years, according to Col. John Doran, who oversees the Sheriff's Office's criminal enforcement.

"They had been looking for ghosts, trying to summon spirits, beating on the floors," Doran said.

"We all heard the ghost stories while growing up," Pohlmann said. "In combination with smoking dope in there, it appears it was intriguing to them."

Doran said the men appear to have become frustrated when no ghosts materialized. Police believe that in a haze of alcohol and marijuana, one of them decided to burn the place to the ground.

Doran said the ringleader seemed to be Dusten Davenport, 31, of Fort Worth, Texas, who is suspected of having the idea to start the fire, and who began stacking up pieces of wood.

Davenport, along with Joshua Allen, 21; Joshua Briscoe, 20; Jerry Hamblen, 17; and Joseph Landin, 20, all of Grand Prairie, Texas, were arrested on Friday on charges of arson, simple burglary and criminal damage worth more than $50,000, according to the Sheriff's Office.

Kevin Barbe, 20, of Arabi, was arrested on charges of accessory to arson and criminal trespassing. Bryon Meek, 29, of Gretna, was arrested on a charge of accessory to arson.




Ghost Busters:

It is assumed there will be deportation to Florida when the gentlemen has served out their sentences.

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HULC site profile image  

11/26/13 11:54 PM by HULC

Generally not. The split in NI is pretty stark.

Adulterous_Zucchini site profile image  

11/26/13 11:53 PM by Adulterous_Zucchini

Are you sure about that? I would think that there are plenty who consider themselves neither British nor Irish

HULC site profile image  

11/26/13 11:51 PM by HULC

About 60% of the people of NI consider themselves British, and about 40% consider themselves Irish. It's that ethnic split which has been behind the "troubles" over the last few decades.

RKing85 site profile image  

11/26/13 11:49 PM by RKing85

just looking at those photos, they look like a stand up group of fellows.

Roy Batty site profile image  

11/26/13 11:41 PM by Roy Batty

LMAO @ "anorexic Frankenstein put together by a meth head with coke bottle glasses."

Roy Batty site profile image  

11/26/13 11:38 PM by Roy Batty

The mugshots look like goat fuckers, not ghost hunters!

Adulterous_Zucchini site profile image  

11/26/13 11:13 PM by Adulterous_Zucchini

Great Britain = England, Scotland and WalesUK = Great Britain and Northern IrelandI.E., UK =/= Great BritainI don't live in the UK, but I imagine that people from Northern Ireland don't consider themselves British (but then again, neither to many Scots). I honestly don't know, so if I'm wrong, let me know. I'm actually not sure if "British" means "from Great Britain". It may be used to refer to anyone from any territories of the UK, for all I know. Get back to me, though. It would be good to know if I'm an idiot.

Nilfux site profile image  

11/26/13 10:48 PM by Nilfux

I know the full story and it's worse than yall can imagine. A few of these clowns are "locals."

Darth Ryase site profile image  

11/26/13 10:25 PM by Darth Ryase

Wow at least 5 of those guys have derpatitis.

HULC site profile image  

11/26/13 10:21 PM by HULC

The word you are looking for is 'British'.