Woman bloodies man's nose at party, man hits her back


Cause if you kiss me then I'll kiss you back
But if you hit me then I'll hit you back
Smack me and I'll smack you back
If you scratch me here I'll scratch you there

-Digital Underground

A woman is being ejected from a party, says "what are you going to do, hit a girl?" She then hits a man in the face.

After a brief pause, he hits her back, engendering a long debate on the ethics of hitting a girl who hit you first.


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Mihow site profile image  

11/24/13 3:41 PM by Mihow

It's better when you're here I'mAbout to eat onion rings !!!

Mihow site profile image  

11/24/13 3:40 PM by Mihow

lol @ ResFantastic

Res ipsa loquitar site profile image  

11/24/13 3:39 PM by Res ipsa loquitar

and LOL at nobody cares about your stats...proceeds to gives his stats.   HAhHAHAHAHAH. you truly are a dim one. 

Res ipsa loquitar site profile image  

11/24/13 3:35 PM by Res ipsa loquitar


role model site profile image  

11/24/13 3:29 PM by role model

First off, nobody cares who you are, or your height, weight, or body fat. Thats not what any of this is about. Im bigger than you and ive wrestled, fought, and trained one way or another my whole life, and apparently im a lot meaner than you to boot. Dont start with the tough guy talk.Second"I dont need to punch a 5'6 girl to make a point."Punching someone isnt about making a point. Jesus fucking christ. Punching someone in the face isnt a metaphorical message, Socrates.The guy who punched the cunt didnt do it to prove he was tough, or any of thaf nonsensical shit youre babbling about. Its not like it was done to prove his manhood. Its to cause someone pain, and in this case, its just a retaliation for unprovoked violence. I dont give a fuck if youre the queen of england, you dont physically assault someone and not expect it back. Thats the only thing that matters in this conversation.

VinegarStrokes site profile image  

11/24/13 3:22 PM by VinegarStrokes

Ya she was hiding behind her vagina which by making a quick judgement based off the video title and her fashion sense is something she only does in a situation like that.

VinegarStrokes site profile image  

11/24/13 3:17 PM by VinegarStrokes

Don't throw punches at a man if you can't accept the consequences. However, he waited till she was turned and walking away that was a bitch move.

Ronda Winter site profile image  

11/24/13 3:10 PM by Ronda Winter

strange behavior of both

Imploze site profile image  

11/24/13 3:05 PM by Imploze

I have enjoyed reading this thread. I'm glad he sit the dyke down. It's obvious some if you haven't encountered a woman like her that will say, and believe, they can beat a mans ass. While I may have just slapped the taste out of her mouth, I don't fault him for the closed fist.Hopefully the young lady learned a lesson that night, and won't go around hitting people that she doesn't agree with anymore.