Who is Barack Obama's real father?


The Birther enthusiasts finally stuck with a fork, but a new and stranger theory about the President has seeped up.

Bob Dylan tribute band leader Joel Gilbert has produced a documentary DVD, Dreams From My Real Father: A Story Of Reds And Deception. In is Gilbert argues that Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. is not the real father of the president. Gilbert points instead to American journalist, poet, progressive political and labor movement activist, sometime porno writer, and businessman Frank Marshall Davis.

The case made is as follows:
Nude photos were taken of a woman.
That woman can be positively identified as Barack's mother Stanley Ann Dunham.
The photographer can be positively identified as Frank Marshall Davis.
Davis looks like Barack, and not his biological father of record.
And more...

The conventional record is of course not very conventional. Stanley Ann Dunham fell in love with a Kenyan she met in a Russian class at the University of Hawai'i, and was unmarried and pregnant with Obama when she was 17 years old. From that beginning, Gilbert starts his narrative, which takes curious turns, like the assertion that Obama's mother's father, Stanley Dunham, was not a furniture salesman from salesman, but actually a CIA agent, monitoring Communists in Hawai'i.

A treaser for the DVD:

Who looks like his real father?

Are these the same women?

Most people answered yes.

Bill Armistead, chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, endorsed the film and called its theory "absolutely terrifying."

The thing is, it isn't true. Falsely accusing the president's mother of engaging in porn is vulgar and despicable.

And stupid.

Images of the President as a child with his father show the clearest resemblance.

Two of the images in question were actually printed in issue 23 of the magazine Exotique, which was published in early 1958, when Barack's mother was only 15 years old, and living in Washington state. She did not move to Hawaii until the summer of 1960.

And this is far from Gilbert's first rodeo - his other "documentaries" include Elvis Found Alive and Paul McCartney Really Is Dead.

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attjack site profile image  

12/4/13 11:30 PM by attjack

First term radical Black-Christian Socialist, second term Muslim Commie corporatist . I predict in his third he'll have completed his metamorphosis into his true form, a Jewish Nazi.

warmonky site profile image  

12/4/13 11:20 PM by warmonky


Dale_Gribble_BJJ site profile image  

12/4/13 9:29 PM by Dale_Gribble_BJJ

Maybe all this will come out in his 3rd term.

KlingKiteMayor site profile image  

12/4/13 9:26 PM by KlingKiteMayor

Awesome Front page story. I feel like I walked into the Fox news Forums

warmonky site profile image  

12/4/13 4:51 PM by warmonky

LOL he was allowed alone with this guy?"I am not a condom cat. Nevertheless I had bought a package, for I did not want to take a chance on making this sweet child pregnant. I automatically assumed older swingers knew how to protect themselves, but a thirteen-year-old could be precocious but not necessarily sophisticated. I slipped one on and got above her. But I couldn’t enter unless I forced my way in, and I didn’t want to hurt her. Although I am only average size and she had lost her maidenhood, I was still too large for easy entry into her small hole. Finally in desperation I got up to apply vaseline – but the combination of rubber and vaseline was too hard an emotional hazard for me. I lost my hard. I dislike condoms even under the most favorable of circumstances. I prefer the communion of flesh with flesh. After trying fruitlessly to get another erection I gave up, explained why, and apologized profusely. - (bold and underline emphasis added) ...................... I never again tried to enter her."

HereWeAre site profile image  

12/4/13 1:16 PM by HereWeAre

This is own way of admitting he's a moron.

Thage site profile image  

12/4/13 1:13 PM by Thage

Quit feeding the troll.

Tomato Can site profile image  

12/4/13 12:57 PM by Tomato Can

Pretty sure warmonky is just trolling to get a rise out of people at this point. Nobody could be this dumb.

warmonky site profile image  

12/4/13 12:38 PM by warmonky

Gonna bust one out,be back in a few;)

Ari2 site profile image  

12/4/13 12:36 PM by Ari2

yup. Definitely a bastard child of E. Clown. Dude is impervious to information that doesn't suit him.