Norweigan soccer mom under fire for post partum selfie


Caroline Berg Eriksen, wife of Norwegian soccer star Lars-Kristian Eriksen, is under international scrutiny for posting a selfie just three days after going into labour. Eriksen, who runs a popular Norweigna fitness blog, reportedly worked out 5-6 times per week until she was well into her second trimester.

“I feel so empty,” she wrote, “and still not four days after birth.”

“People kept telling me that my body would never be the same,” Berg Eriksen told ABC News. “I wanted to show everyone that’s not entirely true.

“Right after birth – like three minutes after – I felt like myself again.”

“I think that all women should be proud of themselves regardless of how they look after labour."

Hpwever, some onlookers, despite Berg Eriksen’s washboard stomach, weren’t impressed, questioning the 26-year-old’s motives in setting what some say is an unhealthy precedent for new moms.

Writer Suzanne Aabel responded to the picture on her blog, questioning if her and Eriksen are even of the same species. Australia's Mama Mia blogger, Rebecca Sparrow, called Eriksen's photo a "disservice."

"This whole situation has become ludicrous," wrote Sparrow. "The competition for women to give birth and then immediately remove any trace from their bodies that they ever carried a child is OBSCENE. There is no other word for it. Actually, it’s more than obscene – this 'Look how hot I still am!' obsession and need for public endorsement."

"Focusing on HOW we look post-baby detracts from how we feel. And THAT is what we need to be concerned about with all new mothers. Motherhood is overwhelming on so many levels. We need to shift this goddamn focus back to the mental health of our mothers."

Only a minority of OGers have given birth, but do you think the image below is an obscentity?

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Spoonie Luv site profile image  

12/11/13 4:21 AM by Spoonie Luv

you did well Leigh

Leigh site profile image  

12/11/13 3:29 AM by Leigh

Cheers :)

Sprawl'n'Stall site profile image  

12/11/13 12:14 AM by Sprawl'n'Stall

Damn! I hope for you she's horny cause you sure must be! Amazing, really. And way too hot. Congrats on the baby and the wife :)I have two cousins, sisters, that after 3 & 2 kids look like that too. In their case, even though they eat fairly well and are somewhat active, genetics is the main factor. They are no exercise fanatics.

tito fett site profile image  

12/9/13 9:28 PM by tito fett

So stupid. If you could imagine a dude keeping hard work and coming out with a six pack, we would all say good job and pat him on the behind.But god damn women have to fuss over a chick working hard to look hot. Ridiculous.

hmeboy site profile image  

12/9/13 6:31 PM by hmeboy

I didn't "look at a pic" or "rage", I read the story and looked at the *dozens* of pics she has.

GROUNDnLB site profile image  

12/6/13 8:03 PM by GROUNDnLB

I agree with most of this, the only qualifier I would put in is that people do have different metabolisms due to genetics. Just like people have differing heights, IQ's, etc... (We all have that friend that eats like complete shit and is a string bean.)That being said, most people that are fat just give up if they have slightly lower natural metabolism. They don't want to work more than other people to lose the weight, and they play the victim. It's like a kid who is not necessarily bright and gives up studying because getting an A or a B seems impossible to him/her.

Adulterous_Zucchini site profile image  

12/6/13 3:31 PM by Adulterous_Zucchini

12 - 7 = 5

molsonman site profile image  

12/6/13 3:28 PM by molsonman

How can you tell from a pic that she is not concerned with the health of her child?After seeing the pic I thought " good job on staying healthy". How miserable of a person must you be for the pic to make you get in a rage and say things like attention whore or she is just lucky?People seem jealous.

hmeboy site profile image  

12/6/13 1:48 PM by hmeboy

No, they're both right. Like T Bag said, this chick is an attention whore, she seems to be more worried about how she looks than the health of her child. She worked out 6 days a week and made sure the cameras were never too far away. Is she planning on breast feeding, I wonder?I am also curious as to how much her child weighed.

warmonky site profile image  

12/6/13 1:40 PM by warmonky

...Damn good going dude!