CIA docs reveal mind control experiments


These documents reveal incredible abuse of power on unsuspecting citizens for over 50 years now.

The astonishing excerpts below, taken verbatim from declassified CIA documents, reveal detailed mind control experiments in highly secret, government-sponsored experiments. Through hypnosis, drugs, and electric shock, CIA clinicians fractured personalities and induced multiple personality disorder (MPD) – also called dissociative identity disorder (DID). These top secret experiments were successful in creating Manchurian Candidates or super spies programmed to carry out assassination, terrorist acts, sexual favors, and more without conscious knowledge of what they were doing. The army of Manchurian Candidates created may have played a key, hidden role in world politics.

To verify this startling information, links are provided to scanned images of the original CIA documents. Instructions are also available here to order any of these documents directly from the CIA using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Though dating from the 1950s and 60s, these revealing documents were not released for decades for reasons of "national security." The U.S. government claims mind control experiments are no longer being carried out, yet how can we know? The existence of these programs was denied for decades, and certainly any recent documents would be classified secret under the rubric of "national security."

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1/17/14 11:35 AM by jude099

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1/17/14 10:43 AM by Sprawl'n'Stall

Subscribed for later reading

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1/17/14 10:22 AM by ferox13

Brice Taylor?Sly Stallone and dolphin sex.

thegreenroom site profile image  

1/17/14 10:16 AM by thegreenroom

And follow the power chain up. Who has been in control and ran the CIA. Who is always been behind the scenes. There is a design in play created by an organization that working against the civil liberties of everyday citizens.

ajjr0ller site profile image  

1/17/14 10:02 AM by ajjr0ller


Crazy Power Muay Thai site profile image  

1/17/14 9:34 AM by Crazy Power Muay Thai

Crazy Power Muay Thai site profile image  

1/17/14 9:27 AM by Crazy Power Muay Thai

21 years ago a retired government employee worked part time for my mother. She would provide me with materials across a range of govt plans. The biggest one that stuck with me was digital currency and population tracking. She said all control items would be seen as convenience and many would be provided to wealthy at first to create class envy so others would follow in the " I deserve that too" fashion. She must have been a psychic because there is no way she saw these things happening in real life

BadRobot321 site profile image  

1/17/14 3:36 AM by BadRobot321

People just need to start turning over on their sensitivity towards the issue of an untrustworthy government. It's fairly obvious, so once we can get over not wanting to believe certain things, the truth will fall into place.

JacT site profile image  

1/17/14 2:50 AM by JacT

L.Ron Hubbard actually exposed this in his book Science of Survival in 1952. He figured out ways to reverse the negative effects of hypnosis, and PDHing (pain drug hypnosis)

A bag of ricin site profile image  

1/17/14 12:55 AM by A bag of ricin

How many shady shit has to pop up till people finally say: hey, maybe these guys don't seem very trustworthy.