Are Tigers the the apex predator?


Distinguished Oger EVILYOSHIDA argues coherently that the tiger is the apex predator, and provides compelling evidence from events world wide.

Of course, this has long been understood, as evidenced by the work of renowned Tiger conservationist Bill Watterson.

Tigers are mean
Tigers are fierce
Tigers have teeth
And claws that pierce.

Tigers are great
They can't be beat
If I was a tiger
That would be neat!

Tigers are nimble
And light on their toes
My REspect for tigers
Continually grows.

Tigers are perfect
The e-pit-o-me
Of good looks and grace
And quiet dignity!

Tigers are great
They're the toast of town
Life's always better
When a tiger's around!


Boy Tiger Kills full grown 7 years old elephant. It takes 30 lions to do the same job. Tiger does it alone.

Royal Bengal tigers, which usually prey on baby rhinos, have begun killing adult ones in Kaziranga National Park. Alarmed by this development, a team of experts from the Wildlife Institute of India will arrive at the national park tomorrow on a week long visit to survey the phenomenon.

Authorities at Kaziranga National Park have also informed the chief conservator of forests of the new trend. Tigers killed 20 rhinos at Kaziranga last year, while this year eight rhinos have fallen prey to the big cats.

Tiger easily kills crocodile. no contest.

The University of Minnesota's Lion Research Project describes one reason to delay the introduction of Gir lions to Kuno Palpur in Central India is the fears that tigers living in Kuno would kill the incoming lions. The tigers, being stronger and larger than the lions, are a potential threat for survival of lions.

A study by Oxford University scientists has shown that tigers have much bigger brains, relative to body size, than lions and other big cats. Tigers also have been shown to have higher average bite forces at the canine tips than lions.

On March 2011, a tiger at the Ankara Zoo attacked a lion through its enclosure and killed the lion with a single paw swipe.

"The tiger severed the lion's jugular vein in a single stroke with its paw, leaving the animal dying in a pool of blood," officials said.

At the Coney Island animal show in 1909, a male tiger killed a male lion. During the performance, a performing lion suddenly attacked a chained tiger by leaping through the air, landing on the tiger's back. Though hampered by the heavy neck chain fastened to the iron bars of the arena, the tiger was more than a match for the lion and mangled the lion to death.

John Varty, owner of the Londolozi Reserve in South Africa answers definitively.

"People always ask me which one is bigger?" said Varty. "If a tiger and a lion had a fight, which one would win? Well, I've seen tigers crunch up a full-grown leopard tortoise like it was nothing. And lions try, but they just don't get it right. If there's a fight, the tiger will win, every time."

Tiger takes on a man AND and elephant!

There are currently little more than 3,000 tigers left on the planet. For more information on Tiger conservation, please check out

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AWdub site profile image  

2/23/14 1:42 PM by AWdub

That video the male cheetahs were fighting over a female and had no concern for the lion. Under normal circumstances it is gone in a flash.

MickColins site profile image  

2/17/14 10:07 PM by MickColins

Tigers are like sharks. Everyone thought gw sharks were the baddest until they got video of one against a killer whale

Pyro1991 site profile image  

2/17/14 9:15 PM by Pyro1991

Tigers are fuckin beasts but my favorite big cats are jaguars hands down

thefightingsheep site profile image  

2/17/14 9:03 PM by thefightingsheep

I'm withholding my vote on Apex predators until someone shows me a video of Khabib Nurmegedov wrestling with a young tiger of comparable body weight.

cbia site profile image  

2/17/14 9:02 PM by cbia

According to the youtube comments of that latest video, a Denali ranger clocked one going 41 mph.Vid - it was probably trying to flush out the young/sick/injured.

fob site profile image  

2/17/14 8:47 PM by fob

^I believe it was teaching the cubs how to circle and round up the elks and stuff.

MrColdCock site profile image  

2/17/14 8:28 PM by MrColdCock

And like a retard, rips around all over the place to see if it makes sparks when it runs.

fob site profile image  

2/17/14 8:25 PM by fob

It's the perfect survivor.  It can hunt any big animal, grab salman out of the rivers, eat berries and fruits.

MrColdCock site profile image  

2/17/14 8:12 PM by MrColdCock

LOL @ that dumbass bear. Ok, maybe not nature's perfect predator.

MrColdCock site profile image  

2/17/14 8:10 PM by MrColdCock

Well the source I copied last page said that brown bears were known to follow tigers and steal their kills. There were confirmed cases of bears killing tigers and it was assumed that it was as a result of a battle for the tiger's kill.