Police officers who shot at two innocent women 103 times won't be fired


The eight Los Angeles police officers who shot at two women over 100 times will not lose their jobs. They won't even be suspended. They'll just get some additional training.

They'll need it, since the shooting happened at the height of the manhunt for cop-killer Christopher Dorner, when police mistook two women delivering newspapers in a blue Toyota Tacoma pickup truck for one man hellbent on revenge in a charcoal Nissan Titan pickup truck and shot at them 103 times. One of the women, who was 71 at the time, was hit twice in the back. The second woman was hit by broken glass. I would say those cops should get some training in target practice, but then it's probably best for innocent newspaper carriers that they don't.

Yesterday, a commission found that the officers violated department policy when they thought the sound of a newspaper hitting the pavement was a gunshot and opened fire on two women who were, again, doing absolutely nothing wrong except driving a truck that didn't even look like the one they believed their suspect to be in.

The officers faced suspension or even firing, but police chief Charlie Beck elected instead to let them all return to duty once they undergo some additional training, according to a memo obtained by the AP. The officers have not been named, so you'll probably never know if the guy writing your speeding ticket once shot at an innocent senior citizen.

Thanks to Ahren_nhb for the find!

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LakerUp site profile image  

2/12/14 4:09 PM by LakerUp

I agree. LAPD has a tremendous task to earn back public trust.

Rob San Soo site profile image  

2/12/14 3:51 PM by Rob San Soo

Welcome to LA and the cops wonder why they get all the hate. Smh

TheGodfatherOfAll site profile image  

2/12/14 3:38 PM by TheGodfatherOfAll

Wtf, wrong thread

TheGodfatherOfAll site profile image  

2/12/14 3:37 PM by TheGodfatherOfAll

25th hour He got game XInside man Bamboozled Clockers MO better blues do the right thing OK so maybe not ten

Meohfumado site profile image  

2/12/14 2:46 PM by Meohfumado

Problem is things like "Rampart" are just par for the course historically in LA.It comes in cycles. Corrupt as hell, they bring in somebody(s) to clean it up, and it goes right back to being corrupt as hell.I mean there is a long and glorious tradition of major corruption, civil rights violations, and lack of accountability in this town.First was the Red Squad...the Sleepy Lagoon Murder which contributed to the Zoot Suit Riots...and then the Hat Squad aka Gangster Squad...Bloody Christmas...more civil rights violations which contributed to the Watts Riots...then later repeated with Rodney King and the riots that followed there...Rampart...etc, etc, etc....and now the Dorner mess where it looks like where there is smoke, there is fire.And people wonder why locals don't trust the LAPD...because they can't go a decade without a major scandal which becomes fodder for another Hollywood movie.

LakerUp site profile image  

2/12/14 2:44 PM by LakerUp


riddlebox site profile image  

2/12/14 2:40 PM by riddlebox

Sounds about right

LakerUp site profile image  

2/12/14 2:28 PM by LakerUp

It's not that simple unfortunately. It's a huge department-there are great aspects of LAPD, things they do better than any other agency in this country. There are also despicable things they do and have done. The agency has obviously exhibited far too much corruption over the years. To say LAPD is corrupt as a whole is wrong, however. I don't claim to have all the answers as to how to "fix" it. Hopefully the Rampart days are long past.

angryinch site profile image  

2/12/14 2:28 PM by angryinch

Hey man, they have a hard job.  Give them a break!!


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