New social network for drunk people


Livr 220x575 Livr: This social network unlocks features the more drunk you get. For one thing, it won’t even let you log in until you’ve had a drink and blown into the blood-alcohol analyzer attachment. The higher your reading, the more features that are available for use. It’s certainly a novel idea, unless it’s some sort of parody app designed to draw awareness to binge-drinking – which seems pretty likely considering some of its feature list.

For example, there are apparently gamification elements, like Truth or Dare, which net users points for taking part in challenges set by other members.

Similarly, there’s a map that shows not only where other people are drinking around you, but also what stage they are at in their night out – indicated by a different color circle around the area. So, if the circle on the map is large, there are lots of people and if it’s dark in color, they’ve had a lot to drink.

There’s also a Drunk Dial feature that will connect you with another random Livr user that has been allowed into the app for a chat, should you wish to talk nonsense with a total stranger.

Content (like drunken pictures) is all shared within the app, so if you wake up the next morning feeling regretful, Livr also includes a Blackout function that erases everything in one touch. If on the other hand it was a fun night out, you can send a report to other Livr users.


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lordbreakdown site profile image  

3/7/14 7:24 PM by lordbreakdown


Muscles82 site profile image  

3/7/14 7:12 PM by Muscles82

This has been outed as a hoax. Sorry guys.

Festus site profile image  

3/7/14 6:01 PM by Festus

The app included features like Drunk Dial™ (the trademark was a nice touch) which randomly connects two inebriated souls, and Truth or Dare, which "connects users to crowd sourced activities daring them to accomplish a task, earning LIVR points when they do." Crowd source. LIVR points. This all sounds about right. The release finally pointed to the following (extremely well-produced) video, which looks exactly like every other social app-promoting video that has ever been released. Here are LIVR creators Kyle Addison and Avery Platz: Since yesterday, LIVR has been picked up as authentic by Elite Daily, Pocket Lint, The Next Web, the Daily Mail, the Daily Dot, and Engadget, among others, all of whom have presented it as authentic. It will get picked up by more, as the techblog echo chamber works its reblogging magic. Which is a shame, because again, LIVR is a lie.  

Festus site profile image  

3/7/14 6:01 PM by Festus

The Breathalyzer Let's assume for a second that an app that encouraged people to get wasted and make bad choices didn't violate at least one of the App Store's terms of service. Stranger things have happened. What's more telling is LIVR's claim that its breathalyzer attachment costs a mere five bucks. This is either impossible or insane. SEXPAND iOS breathalyzer attachments do, in fact, exist. Lots of them, in fact! There's this one and thisone that are real and this one that's crowdfunded and so on. What you'll notice that they all have in common is they cost much more than five dollars. Orders of magnitude more, in fact. This is because breathalyzers that work with smartphones are difficult and expensive to produce. Yes, start-ups sell hardware at a loss all the time. But five bucks is cheap enough to set off some alarms. Also, according to the USPTO, nobody's got a trademark on Drunk Dial. Or LIVR, for that matter, although LivR + Plus was claimed back in 2007. The Founders It's understandable if you're still on board with LIVR at this point. There have been far dumber start-ups that have found funding, and far more fanciful promises of cheap hardware. Sorry! Still fake. Just ask Kyle Addison and Avery Platz, LIVR's purported co-founders and confirmed imaginary people. A cursory Google search turns up no results for a programmer named Avery Platz (outside of recent LIVR coverage). There are a few Kyle Addisons out there, but none of the ones on LinkedIn seem to fit the profile.  

Festus site profile image  

3/7/14 6:00 PM by Festus

The LIVR Hoax: Everybody's Favorite New Drunkbro App Is Fake Yesterday, the developers of an app called LIVR began cold-calling tech writers. The pitch was fun! A social network you can only access when you're drunk, thanks to a breathalyzer accessory. If it seems like the platonic ideal of SXSW catnip, that's because it was engineered to be exactly that. LIVR is a hoax. We were first contacted by LIVR yesterday morning in the form of a press release sent to our tipbox. Heaven forbid you ever be exposed to press releases in your lifetime, but suffice it to say LIVR's was convincing, full of the nextify 2.0 jargon that makes everyone hate Silicon Valley:

lordbreakdown site profile image  

3/7/14 11:38 AM by lordbreakdown


alkysmurf site profile image  

3/7/14 11:24 AM by alkysmurf

I'm sure having a radar signature of where and exactly how drunk a woman is would be beneficial to only those with the purest of intentions...

StephenLangdown site profile image  

3/7/14 11:16 AM by StephenLangdown

Sounds like my kind of app!

HST site profile image  

3/7/14 11:04 AM by HST

I'll give it a whirl