This is stupider than anything you have ever done #fact


Children of Poseidon are a group of stunt comedians from Perth, Australia, who perform stunts and pranks and post them on their YouTube channel. Their most viral video entitled "Cactus Body Slam" has achieved more than 5 million views.

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Ilikebjj site profile image  

3/8/14 10:05 PM by Ilikebjj

When he asked for his legs to be pulled over they should of just dragged him legs first out the other side.

Synado site profile image  

3/8/14 9:31 PM by Synado

well i think i will just dive into this cactus shootfightermike OtherGround Forums 14 minutes agoMolsonMuscles 15 875 Kid Jumps Into Cactus Bush (Vid) cheesyfries OtherGround Forums 1 day agoFreeman 29 1826

MolsonMuscles site profile image  

3/8/14 9:16 PM by MolsonMuscles

What a fucking dumbass. I weep for the future of humanity.*hits replay*

FranticlyFapping site profile image  

3/8/14 8:50 PM by FranticlyFapping

That guy made that look like more fun than a barrel of monkeys. I think I'll try that asap.

AnchorTomTucker site profile image  

3/8/14 8:18 PM by AnchorTomTucker

Yeah that's one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. Cholla cactuses (cacti,whatever) are the worst. The spines are hollow and can stay in you for a while. I think they were barbed too. I can't imagine the pain he was in for at least a week, what a dumbass

exile27 site profile image  

3/8/14 7:31 PM by exile27

The fuck is wrong with people!?!? I won't lie though... I laughed pretty hard while he was squealing like a pig!

cheesyfries site profile image  

3/8/14 7:16 PM by cheesyfries

I posted this the other day, still hilarious! His nut shot on the fence video is great.

bruised site profile image  

3/8/14 7:05 PM by bruised

Could've committed to the jump more, but stuck the landing.

MarkRobinson site profile image  

3/8/14 7:02 PM by MarkRobinson

Lol what a fuckin idiot.

PsyKlopz site profile image  

3/8/14 6:55 PM by PsyKlopz