OGer's brother's pic goes viral


My Bro's Pic Went Viral...

From: PsyKlopz
Posted: 1 day ago Member Since: 1/1/01
Posts: 5748
Now all my social media accounts are blowing up with strangers asking me if he's my brother and if he's alright. The pic happened a year ago.... He's fine. This is really annoying...

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UGCTT_Sk1tzO420 site profile image  

3/11/14 6:53 PM by UGCTT_Sk1tzO420

You DO realize he holds multiple world records and is internationally renown not just in small BB circles right?Maybe THATS why he does it. Why do u find it necessary to talk shit anonymously about a guy that is loads more successful than you?Id say jealousy, and all you can say is “i wipe my own ass” like julian from big daddy. Here take a VD.

The Mat Pimp site profile image  

3/11/14 6:44 PM by The Mat Pimp

What you can't see is the mental strength it takes to do what Scott does; the drive, the endurance, and the planning it takes to achieve his level of performance is uncommon, what to speak of the genetics.

baj54 site profile image  

3/11/14 6:22 PM by baj54

I'm way happier because I know I can safely and effectively wear my seat belt when needed. No jealousy here, just being inquisitive as to what makes someone want to become that big? Is it an inferiority complex? A lack of friends in a social circle? The need to pick heavy stuff up and move them short distances is not applicable to anything remotely close to real life. But party on muscle heads, I'm sure your ability to lift small sized honda's will come in handy some day. I hope grimace is ok, what would Ronald ever do with out him?

baj54 site profile image  

3/11/14 6:08 PM by baj54

Let me guess your THAT guy in the squat rack? You see that device over there that was meant for curling? Go have a seat!

MickColins site profile image  

3/10/14 10:38 PM by MickColins

He got in my way.         Psyklopz please dont tell him I wrote that.

DoovyB site profile image  

3/10/14 10:37 PM by DoovyB

no shit.. i can guarantee who is happier, mendelson or the body weight princess here

QuadAces site profile image  

3/10/14 10:33 PM by QuadAces

LOL. What a jealous, catty bitch.

Areola Wannie site profile image  

3/10/14 10:32 PM by Areola Wannie

I bet you get tons of free cheeseburgers being grimmaces brother and all.

Corey site profile image  

3/10/14 9:48 PM by Corey

I got in a super bad car wreck when I was 17. The right side of my body from my ankle to my armpit looked similar to that just not quite that dark except in a few spots.

justinbiebersmyboyfriend site profile image  

3/10/14 8:55 PM by justinbiebersmyboyfriend

Just read your brothers wiki. Pretty interesting guy. Business partners with eric roberts selling the ganj is pretty awesome.