Woman calls 911 - responding cop rapes her


Nunlee and his partner received a domestic disturbance call to a home located in the 16000 block of Asbury on October 30, 2013, at approximately 3:00 a.m., according to a press release from Prosecutor Kym Worthy.

When Nunlee and his partner arrived at the scene, the woman alleged that she had been assaulted by her boyfriend.

“Nunlee took the woman upstairs and his partner remained with the male downstairs,” the release says. “It is alleged that when Nunlee was in an upstairs bedroom with the woman he sexually assaulted her.”

While they were alone upstairs Nunlee indicated he would be coming back to the house later at 7:00 a.m., prosecutors say. When officer left the house the woman reported the crime to two friends and the next day reported it to the police.

Nunlee is charged with three counts of criminal sexual conduct, second degree, one count of assault w/intent to penetrate and one count of misconduct in office.

He was arraigned Friday morning in 36th District Court and received a bond of $50,000/10 percent. A preliminary exam date was set for April 17, 2014.

Thanks to angryinch for the find!

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Pat Giles site profile image  

3/12/14 11:44 AM by Pat Giles

This would never happen in my city -Lakerup

OGT site profile image  

3/12/14 11:40 AM by OGT


bakobell site profile image  

3/12/14 11:26 AM by bakobell

If a cop is stupid enough to leave DNA evidence then the lady deserves the payday, and the cop deserves jail.

DirkH site profile image  

3/12/14 11:25 AM by DirkH

I'm the first to agree that something has gone wrong with policing in Amerika, but as far as this case goes, it's probably bullshit, and if it is true he probably WILL be prosecuted for it.Cops like to think that they are the good guys and are merely trying to catch the "bad guys". As such they will overlook almost any violation on their part that is clearly in persuit of trying to catch the "bad guy". So, a cop might be likely to cover up his partner doing an illegal body cavity search, after all they were just looking for drugs. There's no way to justify penile insertion, or extended time in the cavity search as simply "trying to catch the bad guy".So if this was "rape-rape", the department will nail him for it. If it was just a quick "search", maybe not, despite it being a clear violation of the law.

Mr. Wright site profile image  

3/12/14 11:19 AM by Mr. Wright


johnnypayne site profile image  

3/12/14 11:19 AM by johnnypayne

How do you not just shoot cops and black people on sight with the stories that come out in the US every day?I'm surprised black cops don't have the life expectancy of a mayfly.

BigWilliam site profile image  

3/12/14 11:16 AM by BigWilliam

It's Detroit man, it's entirely possible the cop did it, it is also equally possible she is looking for a pay day.

bakobell site profile image  

3/12/14 11:07 AM by bakobell

He left DNA evidence. Read.

JRob7 site profile image  

3/12/14 11:04 AM by JRob7

I work in Detroit and just now hearing this. I will say this you have no idea what people will say to get an Officer in trouble, its flat out crazy. Not saying he didn't do anything and don't know him but i've heard worse thats for sure and had various things said about me that were flat out lies. With that said if he did it he's done and I sure hope he didn't blow a load and leave it there, thats stupid. We had a Sgt. that would pull over women and not give them tickets if he could take pics of her boobs, he got fired!

Kneeblock site profile image  

3/12/14 9:41 AM by Kneeblock