Student suspended for taking razor from self-harming classmate


Last Thursday at Bayside Middle School, sixth grader Adrionna Harris came to the aide of a classmate who was cutting his arm. She faces expulsion for taking a razor from the student, throwing it away and convincing him what he was doing wasn’t right. She thought she was doing the right thing, so on Friday she told the school administration what happened. The way school officials responded led to this question: was the school’s zero tolerance policy taken too far?

Instead of getting praise from the school administration, Adrionna got a 10 day suspension with recommendation for expulsion. The interesting thing — the only reason Adrionna got suspended was because she admitted what happened. The alleged weapon was thrown away, and it was her word alone that led to her suspension.

“I was shocked and surprised. I was very shocked that a student would get suspended for saving another child,” said Rachael Harris, Adrionna’s mother. “The school system over-reached absolutely.”

The school’s own details of the event state Adrionna reported the student had a razor blade. She admitted taking it from the student then throwing the blade away.

“I took the razor blade, and then I threw it away immediately … I didn’t carry it around the school … I didn’t use it against anyone … I threw it away,” she told 10 On Your Side.

“I felt she did the  right thing,” said Rachael Harris. “Under the circumstances, she thought he would bleed out, as he was cutting himself, and there was no teacher in sight. It was a 911 situation, and there wasn’t time to find a teacher.”

We asked Adrionna, if she would do the same thing again, knowing she would get suspended for holding the blade.

“Even if I got in trouble, it didn’t matter because I was helping him … I would do it again even if I got suspended, yes,” she said.

Thanks to Combat Sport Fan for the find!

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DaCrusher site profile image  

3/20/14 1:12 PM by DaCrusher

yup filed a Title 59 Tort Claim in NJ since ONCE the lunch worker got to the fight the first thing she did was grab my son by the throat (hand print on neck).....mind you my son has not been in trouble ever, 3 sport athlete, honor roll.....

ryanJ site profile image  

3/20/14 12:16 PM by ryanJ

Oh yeah, well don't get so distressed....did I happen to mention that I'm impressed?

Combat Sport Fan site profile image  

3/20/14 12:06 PM by Combat Sport Fan

That is fucking pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. A student clams down a situation and gets suspended. Did you give the school shit

DaCrusher site profile image  

3/20/14 12:04 PM by DaCrusher

Dude, my 5th grader got suspended for breaking up a fight at school. He stepped in between 2 of his friend fighting and put his hands on both their chests to separate them and for that he was suspended for "assault".... long story short he had 2 day of miniature golf, fishing, Italian ice eating and xbox...

eviladam site profile image  

3/20/14 12:04 PM by eviladam

not her PERMANENT RECORD!!!!!!

Abrtitans site profile image  

3/20/14 12:02 PM by Abrtitans

If someone sucker punches you in public schools, you both get suspended for fighting. That goes on your record and colleges look at it. It's absolute nonsense,

Senester site profile image  

3/20/14 12:00 PM by Senester

Lol at having to do this otherwise they'd be sued for racism. What has America come to? It's not racist if the punishment is based on actions. If people are gonna abuse it one way doesn't mean you should enact a policy that is abusive in a different way to solve that problem

RockTheVote site profile image  

3/20/14 11:34 AM by RockTheVote

Private school it is.

Mr. Wright site profile image  

3/20/14 11:31 AM by Mr. Wright

they're probably complaining because they don't want it on their daughters record so when she goes to apply for college they don't have to explain to prospective colleges why their daughter was suspended from school over a blade/knife. i know i would do the same if my son was given the same bullshit punishment.

Soup and Beer site profile image  

3/20/14 11:27 AM by Soup and Beer

The full blame lies with the schools enacting a chickenshit policy.