Atheism explained in 43 seconds


Or were they created by nothing, or were they the creators [of themselves]? Or did they create the heavens and the earth? Rather, they are not certain

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KneeUpperCut Ios site profile image  

3/25/14 10:14 AM by KneeUpperCut Ios

Why would pattern indicate an "intelligent design", could it not happen naturally without guidance?

ihitpeople site profile image  

3/24/14 6:57 PM by ihitpeople

"What do you mean science will give you the answer of intelligent design?"It is not random. It follows a pattern. And what definition of god is the "religious" definition? "Like there is a humanlike being that is interested in what you are doing all the time. The creator charles darwin talks of is so far away from us and so far beyond us it is not our place to even try to contemplate it. I will say this. If thereis a god that wants your worship - it is evil.

Ogami Itto site profile image  

3/24/14 3:16 PM by Ogami Itto

I am still lost, but thank you for taking the time to explain that to me. I am going to go away and study it til I understand it.Don't worry, though, your average OGer is a black belt in science (must go with the big dick, big bench, big money and supermodel GF) so they are all tracking with you completely.

Curtis_E_Bare site profile image  

3/24/14 12:18 PM by Curtis_E_Bare

  Think of the driving force for a process like a “search” for a lower energy state.  A ball will spontaneously roll down a hill and eventually come to rest at the lowest point readily available.  It’s not really a factor of how much energy a system has, but how much is transferred. A system can reach a lower energy state by heat transfer (an exothermic reaction) or by an increase in entropy (a dilution of energy.)   The most familiar form of this relationship is the Gibbs–Helmholtz equation, ΔG = ΔH – TΔS. Although this has some conditional limitations it should suffice for this example.  If ΔG is negative then the process is spontaneous (temperature is in Kelvin and therefore always positive.)  The four options I mentioned earlier relate to the signs of ΔH and ΔS. We need not even look at the “enormous amount of energy in the universe” to explain spontaneous process where there is a change from a disordered state to an ordered state.  We can explain it all by looking at the system alone. When a system moves from a disordered state to an ordered state the entropy, ΔS, term is negative.  In order for ΔG to be negative we need only ΔH to be negative and greater in magnitude than the TΔS term. This is sufficient to explain much of the complexity observed in the universe, in particular the part of the original video where random LEGO blocks form a helicopter.  In this example the ΔH term is zero (or at best incredibly small as to be negligible.)  The ΔS term is negative and therefore the ΔG term would be positive: ΔG = ΔH – TΔS Becomes ΔG = 0 – TΔS where ΔS is negative, a negative times a negative gives a positive number and therefore a non-spontaneous process.  This is why macro-scale examples tend to be poor examples of how things operate on an atomic or molecular level.  

KneeUpperCut Ios site profile image  

3/24/14 11:20 AM by KneeUpperCut Ios

What do you mean science will give you the answer of intelligent design? And what definition of god is the "religious" definition?

6ULDV8 site profile image  

3/24/14 9:27 AM by 6ULDV8

It's all about the singularity brothers.

Ogami Itto site profile image  

3/24/14 9:24 AM by Ogami Itto

Okay, I am re-reading this and I am still not getting it, so if you or anyone has enough patience with me, please further your explanation or point me to some links that do. In fact, I've been trying to Google how it ties together but am coming up empty.You're saying the complexity in the universe is sufficiently explained by the amount of energy in it, that because there's an enormous amount of energy in the universe, it is sufficient to have cause all these mathematically astounding coincidences. Ice is an example, because it's astounding that it should form into a solid when frozen, but understandable when one considers the amount of energy in the system of water and temperature.

Pessimist_Pete site profile image  

3/24/14 12:41 AM by Pessimist_Pete

Well, he created a cool Lego helicopter. But it was like magic.

ihitpeople site profile image  

3/24/14 12:22 AM by ihitpeople

When there is one man standing infront of a room full of people and nobody is questioning what he is saying, what is going on? This applies both to science and religion.

ihitpeople site profile image  

3/24/14 12:19 AM by ihitpeople

Atheism and Religion are both right and wrong at the same time. If atheists said I don't believe in god because of MY OWN EXPERIENCES tell me so then they would be correct. Can't use science as a tool to do so because it would give you the answer of intelligent design - which is not the same as god as defined religiously. The whole question needs to be reframed. Now religious texts (the bible for example) tells great truths about the human condition that is nowhere else , however there are glaring inconsistencies with god and jesus - both shape shift thier personalities or transform into something completely different multiple times. Jesus and biblical jesus are not the same. For those defending him - how can he be god and a regular person leading by example at the same time? HE can't. The bible talks of the god of this world (satan) that is different from the Father(or creator) which is NOT of this world. So who is biblical Jesus really? So my conclusion here is don't believe everything at face value and don't use tools(science) that you don't understand as an explaination. Everything you need is in your experiences. You may not see it right away because its usually in the place you suspect the least. Love and family. Treat other humans like you would your family and you'll be surprized how it comes back to you.