Meanest nicknames the OG remembers from High School, parts 1+2


Mr Sizzzz
What were the worst in your school? We had a girl named Shovel Face as her face looked like thats what it had been hit by

The names the OG recalls fall into a number of broad categories, highlighted in bold.



Uncle Rukus
We had a shovel face too lol 

The Brotorious B.I.G: 
My school did also

Count one more for shovel face

I went to school with a Shovel Face too. As well as Bobble Tits, Slam Pig, Unsexy Lexi, Sonia Lasagna and one chick referred to simply as The Beast. I'm sure there's more if I thought about it.

TX_432 132 
We called this one chick bus 4. Bus 4 was the only school bus in our fleet that had no hood, just a flat front. Her face was flat like it had been hit by a shovel. Guess shovel face would of worked too

fucking lol, there was a broad in my school called shovel.
She was friends with duck, bucket.
There was also a duck boy, mexico (claimed to be italian), and a (m)anna.
Man, we called this one kid squirrel all through high school.
Oh there was also a broad called thunder.

Truck Face - eventually shortened to Trucker. Everyone would pull a fake air horn every time she walked by.

Woodford Mike 
Interplanet Janet 
The Wild Samoan
Horse Face

Cookie Monster 
Horsehead Spangler



We had one kid that freely admitted he had an undescended testicle. He became the "one - nut bandit".

6ULDV8 52
Brock Chism lost half a nut to a tumor.  We called him one and a half. 

Uniball- the guy allegedly had one testicle, according to his ex-g/f
Henhouse- she kind of looked like a chicken and had a pussy that was so loose someone said you could put a chicken coop in it
Snack Bar- a fat kid

We called him jiggle-my-ballsack. His name sort of sounded like that...barely

There was a dude we nicknamed "Dragnuts"
Everyone called him Dave, but he was Croatian and his real name was Dragan.
He also had a gigantic,  low hanging nutsack

We had this warped sarcastic way of being offensive when I was in school.
So when we wanted to offend females we would refer to them in masculine terms.
There was this one girl called Rachel Anderson. And someone wrote graffiti about her saying "Rachel Anderson, Get your balls out".
From then on, she was known as "balls-out".



Pig Bun 
YumYum - freshman girl in high school, who did a rather vigorous tongue-cleaning after a bj. Even the teachers knew the nickname
Scarface (right after the movie came out) - kid I knew who fell off the back of a motorcycle, and ended up with a scab coving the side of his face.
E.T. - Scarface's NEXT nickname about a year later, after he got taller, skinnier, and sort-of bug eyed and a long neck.

Bobbin robin- a girl named robin who liked to suck dick

Super head and super chicken were best friends. Tank, gorilla Jean and armageddon were the gnarliest chicks in school that no one would fuck. 


So, my real name is Leif and most people pronounce it like leaf on a tree. Anyways, one day in 10th grade some of my friends caught me getting a blowjob from a girl I probably wouldn't have bragged about, but I was 15 and a BJ is a BJ. For the next 2+ years most of the guys and some of the other girls referred to her as "The Leif-blower".

boxing wiz
We had a girl called Anal Annie, name was given by her boyfriend her sophomore year. 
Had another girl who had a big weird nose, that made her kind of look like a moose. My friend Todd got head from her at a party and he said nutted in her face. He said she wiped who she thought was all of it off, but when they opened the car door to go back into the house she still had some on her nose. He told all of us about it and someone started calling her Blow winkle, instead of Bullwinkle. That was 25 years ago everyone (the guys anyway) still call her that.

ramit upper
Take-the-snake McRoberts- This young girl was very promiscuous & her surname was McRoberts (We were big WWF fans at the time)

Geraldine Sexmachine for the girl that was easy
Poopstain for a guy with a massive mole on his fore head
Gorbatshov for a girl with a birth mark on her face (who showed me her pussy in gym class by casually moving her leotard to the side..) 

Jawbone. She sucked at least a half dozen dicks at a party. Stuck with her for years

Haha! Wife had a girl at her school called JAWS. Same reason.
had a Heidi handjob. Well, not me, school had one.

The Red Bobster. Some red headed chick that sucked off my buddy Bob for a couple of smokes.

A couple more: Whorey Dori (self explanatory), Dinner Plates (showed the bus her tits and her nipples were ENORMOUS), Allisaurus Rex (bitch looked like a straight up dinosaur) and Crispy (his name is Chris P. which obviously sounds like his nickname, but apparently hates it, and gets called that to this day.) 

Corn-dog girl. 
Tried masturbating with a frozen corn-dog and got it stuck in her cock holster. Had to go to the E.R. She was hot too.

Hotdog Lisa
Masturbated with hot dog, broke off, ER.

Umm...check my post above yours. LMAO
I always wondered if it really happened, or that was just some urban legend that "someone" gets stuck with in their life. 
Like the rod stewart jizz drinking stomach pump thing, that I heard about Lil Kim for the first time. Just a legend that gets attached to people.

Test tube girl - legend has it she was caught with a test tube in her vag in the toilets...

Scott Ramone
There was also a chubby little whore we called Fuckable Stump




Luncha Libre: 
Melanie Triple Tits because she had three titties.

sicko 319
There was a girl my friends called banana boobs because of how they would sag down and then curl outwards kind of like a banana shape

There was a girl who had very prominent collar bones that looked like a third boob. She was called Tribreastatops. There was also the kid with a huge head who was called Bonk.

Pig Bun
Tittia - actual name was Lydia, and had HUGE tits - maybe not "mean", but she didn't like it.
Jiggles - a girl at my junior high bus stop, first girl in our neighborhood & age to get BIG boobs. She didn't care for her nickname, either.

We had a flat chested chick in high school named Patricia who we called Flatty Patty.



Went to a boarding school. Occasionally you would get another students laundry bag by mistake, then return it to them since we all had our names stitched into the tags. Long story short a guy in my dorm got a freshman girls laundry bag. We were initially excited when we found a pair of white panties, but upon further inspection we noticed a greenish/yellow stain in the crotchal region. We all called her guacamole Emily.

We had a girl that we called green dip taco because apparently her vagina had a foul odor.

ex had a girl friend that was very pretty but could not keep a boy friend so we determined she had a stiny vagina every time a guy slept with her the broke up shortly after. She became tuna pants or TP for short

We had a group of girls we called the buna clan. They always smelled like beer and tuna



Fat girl name Michelle, I came up with the name Michellelphant, stuck with her all the way until senior graduation.
I used to make the elephant noise and act like my arm was my trunk when I saw her, fucking brutal. Still feel awful to this day. 

There was a guy that had a skin pigment problem, where he had blotches of just white skin randomly. Everyone called him cum face Carlos. It was pretty fucked up

Kids are assholes... The one saving grace is that a lot of the tools who stuck these people with the nicknames turned out to be life-long losers. 
Onion John - the kid had some bad BO one day and the name stuck with him for years.
Dick Breath - an Irish kid named Sean who had chronic halitosis. 
Creature - new girl in junior high who was overweight and had a perm. 
Gorilla Legs - middle eastern girl who didn't shave her legs often, constant ridicule fucked her up to this day.
Full Moon - another overweight girl that bent over to pick something up one day and the resident smart ass yelled it out. 
Powder - a poor albino kid's nickname all through high school.
Faggot - the two guys caught making out in the locker room in an all boys high school. They had so many hate notes stuffed into their lockers it spilled all over the floor when it opened. One was thrown down the stairs and was hurt so badly that his parents transferred him out that week.

Man, we called this one kid squirrel all through high school.

Barbasol OOTFFTT: 
Snarf (I believe it's from the Thundercats). Ugly girl with a crooked nose

A few less popular girls became members/cofounders of what became the Triple L - the Loser Lesbian League. 

we had a kid with a big head who became 'beans' because of his bean shaped head.  Even the teacher called him beans 

Mud Golem, Five-head, Shebiscut (felt kind of bad about that one as it was a special ed girl who used to gallop everywhere but it was just a joke, everyone was nice to her), Emo-Cat-Bitch, Toucan Sam, "that kid we hate" (kid was always a weirdo but we didn't start calling him that until we found out he was a dick too)

Walk funny - self explanatory 
The clump - remember those 80's bangs on girls?
That girl - still don't know her name
The toe - she wore tight jeans all the time

In primary school there was a chick called "Bacteria", because she had some burn scars on her arm. Grown up to be pretty hot though.

We had a boy named Will who was really redneck and nicknamed him Will-billy

Back Alley Sally

Right Hand JO Power
Not the meanest, but the one i liked the best was a scummy mullet kid named Ronnie that everyone called "Ron Jovi"

Spaz and Beaniecakes

We called a kid Dirt Shit because dirt and shit are like two of the worst things

Beatin' Keeton- guy that got allegedly caught masturbating, who's last name was Keeton
Ybbols- a fat bitch, Ybbols is "slobby" spelled backwards
The Amazon- chick who last like 6'1" and muscular. She couldn't help it- her dad was like 6'7" and gigantic
Gamera- bitch who looked like a turtle

Robert P Hansson  
Wartmonger - self-explanatory
Spread Legs - Gay weird overly preppy dude
Mouse Lion - Dude's face was a mix between a lion and a mouse.
Holy Moly - Dude with a big circular mole on his neck.
Woodstock - Hippy guy.
Rodriguez - Mexican-looking dude.
Ogre - big ugly redneck

Chicken Reamer
Wiener Woman

Passive Jay
They called me Bucky Beaver (my teeth were fucked) until I hit high school and grew a foot or so.

The Man With No Screen Name
Had a 'Sister Fucker' (f'ed his own sister, a lot)
'Update' because he was always telling us big news 3 years after it happened. (Like Big Mac setting the Home Run Record)
Baraka because this hot brunette had 1 small tooth leaning out. 
Pistachio (bitch had a mustache) 

Oh, there was a guy that got caught beating it in high school too.  We called him lefty.

needle dick the bug f*cker

Chris weir became Chris queer

Bambi, because my mom was shot when I was little.

Fat chick we called "Whale." There was a kid with a huge head, we called "Mailbox." A guy in FFA was called "Chicken Joe" & teased about fucking chickens. In the Navy, there was a black dude who pissed his bed. We called him "Pissy Cent." A big black guy on the ship was called "Uncle Phil," or "Shrek," or "Hotdog neck." Two guys wore all black and trenchcoats, they were called "the Columbine kids."

We had one girl called Bush Pig 
Hahah assholes

Roidz Rule
I was called Big Bag, which was short for Big Bag O'Fag.

natasha fartshe leant forward in class once and farted in our firsr year. she moved form class, the nickname carried haha. poor bitch had people signing her year book when we finished with it
natasha fart

Buffalo Buttsniffer

Chewbacca (a girl)
The Great Divide (had a HUGE gap in his front teeth)

Mr Sizzzz
Ah yes that reminded me we had a Chewbacca and she was also called Forehead because of her big forehead. 
If she tried talking back one kid would put his hand on top of his forehead to make it look bigger when he went back at her

Dropkick Joe
We had this poor kid we called shit pants, because he used to shit in his pants.
And a girl in high school we used to call beaver.

In Limbo
i went to all boys school...but my wife went ot public and there was a girl named Lorraine who thought she was hot but really was not
they called her "Lorrangutan"

Blackguilt 3 
Ugly ass chick named hope
Was dubbed "no hope for humanity"

The Kraken. Release the Kraken!

FETT_TFK_El Pescadero 
Moose!! She was a big girl. 
Poor thing!

X Van Der Sloot
Albino kid..... we called him White Lightening....

The Loge
One girl named Kailen got called Kalien because well she looked like an ET. 
Triple D- Stood for double daddy Dave because his dad was a gay. 
QDN stood for quarter dick Nick after a girl he hooked up with spread rumors about his micro penis all over school.
A girl named Brittany looked like a bird so she became known as Birdney and would have bird calls sang to her through out the halls. 
Fat kid who looked like Newman from Seinfeld was called Newman.
A girl named Tiffany contracted chlamydia and people forever would clap every time she passed them in the halls. 
There's plenty more that weren't exactly mean but just ones that people hated having. TST for example stood for tight shirt Tony because he always wore super tight shirts.

?QDN reminds me that we called a kid Dickless Nicolas for the same reason you said.

The Loge
One girl knowingly dated and fucked her cousin. She became known as "fousin cucker."

Region Rat 
We named a mean as shit Gummo style kid the Gooch in middle school and it stuck. It was perfect. He was in jail by 19 for 40 yrs for assault and rape, and drug possession. Good bye olé friend

A kid stuck a maxi pad on the back of another boy in junior high school.  It happened in the quad in front of everyone.  As soon as one kid said it, everyone else started pointing and chanting it.
And thus "The Tampon Man" was born.

Banana Brock, my homie that freely admitted to the football team that he heated up a banana peel and fucked it. Quickly spread to the whole school.
Stormtrooper for a broad shoulder, big headed, pale chick.
ET for a flat faced, bug eyed kid.
Five and a half head, chick with a big forehead.
WILL!!! Was a special kid who was always loud and friendly so everyone would say his name hella loud when talking to him. Not in a mean way though that dude was awesome he was on the football team with us.
Big Rhonda was a black chick that was like 6'1" and 240lbs.
A lot of others I can't remember. We had names for everyone at school even if the person didn't know lol.

Phuck Phace
Had a guy in school named Scott.
We still, to this day, call him: Squat Upon A Lot of Cock.

I never called this girl this, but there was a black girl in my school who was really really dark. Some kids used to call her 'On The Darkside' after that Eddie and the Cruisers song

There was this black dude in elementary school - really short. Everyone called him Smitty. There were a bunch of black guys that picked on him; chased him down once and kicked him the in face. They were all pretty athletic too so it was kind of fun to watch until they got him and kicked him - made his eyes roll back.
Hope Smitty is ok. 

Scum Rory, cause there were two rorys and this one had a dead tooth

Hot nickels (because they looked like they had been hit by a bag of hot nickels).
Fat kid named Treats
Goofy guy named Secret Squirrel
There was The K-Mart Kid
That's all I remember.

Fresh Ho <- sadly that was his real name :(

We had a special ed guy who wore these big dark sunglasses everywhere called Blind Dog.
We had a big fat kid with the last name Harshaw called Doody.

Scott Ramone
There was a chick with a hairy back we called Sherwood. As in Sherwood Forest. 

The KO_J
This reminded me of a chick that went to my school, she had lower back hair so she was dubbed Fuzzy Butt or FB for short

Pito Chueco
Kids supposedly fapped using a 45 record. Seems painful

Notorious Lurker
Elementary thru junior high, kid had a cleft lip, everybody called him rip lip.

Private Joker
We had this big albino black girl who was not very pretty. They called her Albino Rhino. It was really cruel and probably screwed that poor girl up for life.

Coke-head Swivel-Hips. We saw her dancing at a party. Someone said it and it stuck. 
Scut Farcus...She had yellow eyes! So, help me, God! Yellow eyes! Scut ,as she became known for short, was a ginger and looked just like him. I feel bad for her and if she has a list, I am on it.

Did not read but we had a Jewish girl named holly we called hollycost 

The Donkeypuncher
Hunchie. Bish had a fucked up hunchback. We were awful to her.

I never called her it but there was an obese girl in a wheel chair with tiny legs that people called "lard roller".

Bambi, because my mom was shot when I was little.

They used to call this one girl back fat, because one day she literally had a muffin roll oozing out the back if her shirt over top her pants.
Another poor bastard got called p-p-p-power lines because he stuttered.
Another girl got called Whoredack, after the He-Man villian Hordak.

Swamp donkey and clown dog (ugly chicks)
Slow motion vinegar boy (kid walked slow, smelled like vinegar)
Stupid Lisa garbage face (simpsons reference for ugly girl named Lisa)

bing bong: that was her real name

?Millimeter Peter was this one guy's name after one particular Gym Class.

There was an entire family that we labeled the Ufus's
The original was Bufus Big, ugly, fat, ugly, scary
ext was the fatter sister Gufus or Giant, ugly, fat, ugly, scary
Then we had the older whore sister Sufus or Slutty, ugly, fat, ugly, scary
Then there was the alcoholic stepdad who didn't work but would do odd jobs for people Hufus or Handy, ugly, fat, ugly, scary
The mother of course was on assistance and was always yelling so obviously she was Yufus or Yeller etc.
There were more but you get the point

We called a guy "Lurch". 
He was huge and whenever he would run sprints only he only pumped one of his arms the other would just flail away by his waist. 

Big girl named Shea. People called her Shea stadium

Trip nip- dude with three nipples.
My friends called me twitch, cause my medication made we twitch a lot. I thought that one was actually pretty funny though.
There was a big kid who went by "chub" as a choice. Even the teachers called him that. Don't think schools could get away with that now.

?My good friend had an ear wax problem so naturally he became Wax. That is,Until he went to prison and joined the aryan brotherhood. No one called him wax after that

Had a ginger friend we called carrot
And some kid had the last name vocot and we call him nocock
Had a friend who was short stocky and black but had small legs and we called him tadpole

We had 'good ole Pot Plant Head'
Not really mean, but this asian girl had a bucket of a head

There was a kid in my high school who fucked this cute and popular girl. He showed off to people what was supposed to be a private thing, she then went and told some people that he only lasted 15 seconds. He was a popular jock so it spread all over school and really fast.
Just about the whole school started calling him '15 Seconds' with much laughter. He soon transferred to another school in another town. I was glad he did, he was such an arrogant jock douche. The universe works in strange ways to humble people sometimes.

Jack Carter
I'm the guy you all had a name for

The Brotorious B.I.G: 
Cat fucker.

All the bullies that used those names should be flogged.

Hi shovel face 

The Brotorious B.I.G
Yea but cat fucker really did fuck a cat, as much as id hate to admit, me and him were and still are very good friends.
But that doesn't mean i don't call him cat fucker every now and again

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Perfer Et Obdura site profile image  

4/21/14 3:10 PM by Perfer Et Obdura

The only name I can think of is a girl my skater buddies and I started calling Mouse.In 9th grade we were at a party getting drunk and we dared her to stick a feeder mouse in her vagina and she did. It wasn't just down her panties or just touching her pussy. She stuffed it in there with only the tail hanging out. So we called her Mouse from that point on.

MrFluffyHippo site profile image  

4/21/14 2:45 PM by MrFluffyHippo

A girl always had a mustache that she wouldn't shave or wax. It was thick. So one day we all wore mustaches made of construction paper and put them on when she came over to our table.She was called Yosemite Sam then.

SaintMike site profile image  

4/21/14 2:40 PM by SaintMike

There was one at mine as well. We had a squishy (shit his pants) embraced it and still goes by it today. He's slow, but proud of it. Kinda cool it became something he liked I suppose.Ballpark Jen, very nice girl who also has mental problems that lived by the ballpark. Also, still goes by Ballpark. Man, kids are animals lol.

Mr Sizzzz site profile image  

4/21/14 11:58 AM by Mr Sizzzz

I think every middle/high school had a girl who pleasured herself with a hot dog

Master_Blaster site profile image  

4/21/14 7:12 AM by Master_Blaster

Fuck me, I just about spit my drink out when I read this.

Sherlock bonesalot site profile image  

4/21/14 7:05 AM by Sherlock bonesalot

The worse one we had was in middle school her name was katie she would constantly shit herself and she was mean as fuck always nasty to everyone and her mum would hit some of the school kids.So she was known as poo your pants. There was a Nasir (said naz-ear) was a bit of a girl so he was naz-queer with the £1 bag cause he used to bring a rucksack that cost a £1 in tescos.There was a boy called David who had a bum that looked really abnormally long so he was longbum and he loved the nickname.Quite mild compared to some on here

dunc site profile image  

4/21/14 6:47 AM by dunc

two face...kid who had half of his face covered by a birth mark. cool dude who didn't seem to mind the nickname but I still never called him that.

SMOKING MANHOLE site profile image  

4/21/14 6:17 AM by SMOKING MANHOLE

There was this kid who had giant day protruding nipples. We called him chest nuts, everyone called him that.

Naughty Gorilla site profile image  

4/21/14 5:59 AM by Naughty Gorilla

Some of them sound vaguely Game of Thrones-ish

InspiritMick site profile image  

4/21/14 5:33 AM by InspiritMick

skiddy ParryGetting changed for swimming the kids noticed he had horrid skid marks in his underwear. 25 years later I still know people who call him that...