Somali pirates attack the wrong ship


In footage that appears lifted from the beta of a first person shooter game, a private security team defend a commercial ship attacked by Somali pirates. The pirates fire first, but it is impossible to hear the gun shots in the video because of noise and distance.

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JonnyW site profile image  

5/1/14 3:47 PM by JonnyW

  I like it. Voted up.   LOL @ Somali Boob  

SonnendbySilva site profile image  

4/30/14 5:25 PM by SonnendbySilva


DevilDawg site profile image  

4/30/14 5:10 PM by DevilDawg

I pray we didn't have any marine life hurt, and I hope that the contractors didn't use lead ammo. Maybe in the grand scheme of things, some of those dead Somali pirates could of feed lots of worm and cute little baby flies.

Vulva Fabulous site profile image  

4/30/14 4:31 PM by Vulva Fabulous

Fuck these guys Curtis, I'm 100% on your side. When the attack was over and the crew of ship that was trying to be overtaken by Somali Pirates starts to cheer made me sick, like seriously physically sick.I'm sorry, but even after completely taking into consideration the circumstances surrounding what lead to the eventual ending, there's just no way that I could be even remotely happy after remembering that an unknown number of innocent, native, marine life souls had to lose their lives of the coast of Africa that day. They were just minding their business and were at the wrong place on the wrong day.Fuck! Collateral damage is really a mother fucker. RIP Nemo. Your family and friends are in my prayers.

BravoPUA site profile image  

4/30/14 4:07 PM by BravoPUA

I have no ego

SonicDoom site profile image  

4/30/14 3:51 PM by SonicDoom

"All that matters is you don't understand the analogy, which pretty much sums you up as a sheep. "That must be it. Keep using false dichotomies to boost your own ego.

BravoPUA site profile image  

4/30/14 3:17 PM by BravoPUA

YepAlsoMercy is for the leftovers, not the instigators. -David Yeagley

JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

4/30/14 2:45 PM by JimmersonzGlove

Somali Pirates - Greatest Hits EP by CAMEL CLUTCH RECORDS Seems like a good time to plug my band.

BravoPUA site profile image  

4/30/14 2:40 PM by BravoPUA

Tactical flashlight, picking up chicks in bars-If that's all you think I do/have done= you clearly don't know what you are taking about. Cool that you had a beer with him, he was an SME for one of my old companies I worked for doing private contracting training. But none of that matters. All that matters is you don't understand the analogy, which pretty much sums you up as a sheep. :)

C0NAN site profile image  

4/30/14 2:33 PM by C0NAN

It's not about enjoying killing. It's enjoying revenge.That is a clear and important distinction; they are two different things. The enjoyment of unprovoked killing is bad, but revenge killing is not unprovoked killing.Pretenses of legitimacy, order, authority, and justice are just social veneers that most people are forced to accept.