Feds raid pot shop in Denver


Authorities confirmed to 7NEWS that the raid at VIP Cannabis was underway, but did not release any other details.

Video from AIRTRACKER7 showed firefighters and agents working around two safes that had been cut open at the business at 2949 W. Alameda Ave. in Denver. On the ground, 7NEWS photojournalist Pete Burd saw masked agents carrying items out to a waiting U-Haul truck through a smashed glass door.

A sign on the business said it was currently closed for remodeling and "Be back soon."

Our partners at the Denver Post reported April 16 that VIP Cannabis was no longer selling medical marijuana, putting it in compliance with a state order.

State regulators this month issued notices of denial on the applications from VIP Cannabis and three related grow warehouses, citing after-hours sales, incomplete record-keeping and other violations, according to the newspaper.

The Denver Post identified Gerald Uribe at the manager of VIP Cannabis.

Prosecutors have charged Gerald Uribe, Luis Uribe, Hector Diaz and David Furtado with money laundering crimes related to the cultivation and distribution of marijuana.

The raid comes on the same day Diaz was in court. He was re-arraigned Wednesday morning and remains out on bond.

Furtado and Luis Uribe are scheduled to appear in court Thursday.

"Gerardo Uribe is at large and is considered a fugitive from justice," prosecutors said. He was interviewed by the Denver Post two weeks ago.


-- Indictment unsealed Monday --

Furtado, Diaz and the Uribe brothers are accused of wiring more than $500,000 from Columbian banks and investing it in Colorado marijuana growing and dispensary operations. Federal investigators are still working to identify who in Columbia provided the money and other potential accomplices in Colorado.

The federal grand jury indictment unsealed Monday also accuses the men of using a shell company and a Denver lawyer's trust account to launder money from illegal cultivation and distribution of marijuana.

Furtado is a Denver lawyer and dispensary owner.

Luis Uribe is also a dispensary owner. Gerardo is Luis' older brother.

Diaz is a Colombian national who was arrested on a weapons charge during the raids last fall, and has also been charged in the money laundering case.

Authorities obtained an infamous photo of Diaz wearing a DEA cap while holding two assault rifles -- one in each hand -- with two handguns tucked into his pants. DEA is the acronym for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, which is investigating Diaz and the money-laundering case.

During the Nov. 21, 2013, raids of marijuana growing and dispensary operations from Denver to Boulder County, DEA agents also seized five assault rifles, five handguns and a shotgun from Diaz's Arapahoe County home.

The indictment made public Monday said the men used the money from Columbia to purchase a sprawling warehouse facility at 5200 E. Smith Road in Denver. Their plan was to use the warehouse facility to illegally grow and distribute marijuana, the indictment states.

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Barbasol OOTFFTT site profile image  

4/30/14 12:37 PM by Barbasol OOTFFTT

This really has nothing to do with pot but more of shady money practices

Hammerstein site profile image  

4/30/14 12:18 PM by Hammerstein

Yeah, I don't have a problem with busting guys doing illegal shit under the banner of a legal business.

FETT_Lay'n'PrayNINJA site profile image  

4/30/14 11:33 AM by FETT_Lay'n'PrayNINJA

This. Obama is trying to stop the fed from going after colorado/washington/cali shops just for selling pot. This is clear violations of laws pertaining to laundering and illegal sales.

LakerUp site profile image  

4/30/14 11:26 AM by LakerUp


Soup and Beer site profile image  

4/30/14 11:22 AM by Soup and Beer

I don't like Obama but if they were funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars from Columbian drug cartels then it needs to be addressed.

Adulterous_Zucchini site profile image  

4/30/14 11:20 AM by Adulterous_Zucchini

Didn't obama say that he was barring federal pot raids in pro weed states?

Phuckles site profile image  

4/30/14 11:20 AM by Phuckles

Oh... Well, I am still accusing him of doing this. Thanks a lot KidJustice, this is why we can't have nice things.

Phuckles site profile image  

4/30/14 11:20 AM by Phuckles

tbh I only read the headline and skimmed the article. It looks like this pot shop was doing some shady shit.

john76 site profile image  

4/30/14 11:18 AM by john76