I work as bouncer at strip club AMA


its Friday and I didn't sleep last night in between night and day job...smoked a lil too much and now I sit at work faded and bored...sooo yeah...I get paid retarded money to baby sit hot chicks and stare at tittys all night AMA

Pics ?

hahaha...sadly the first rule of working a t a strip club is...no pictures

I didn't know you smoke. What's your favorite strain?

You REALLY didn't know I smoked? Dude I failed my piss test for the ultimate fighter LOL I made all the way on the show and then they brought out that damn cup. I like OG kush a lot or some blueberry dream...I have been getting into the dabs and oils more lately
I tired out twice...made through to interview first time...but show was for 185 and I was walking around 230 at time so they didn't think I could make it(I prob couldn't have but wanted to get in front of them) second time I made it through and peed hot for weed...I had zero clue they would piss test us cuz we ere smoking at the hotel in our down time...few other guys got popped too

How many have you fucked so far?

noneski...I am very happily married and I sure as fuck wouldn't the drama involved with the majority of these ladies

What the most money a guy has gotten suckered out of in a night and come back asking for it back?

this happens at least once a week...this is why we pay up front and get a finger print on any credit card transactions

How crazy are the women?
What is an average nights pay?

75% are fucking batshit bonkers
average around 300 a night...I have had a few nights at 1500-2000

I want to know if you mind when their boyfriends come to the club. When I dated "Roxy" the bouncer were always really cool to me. Of course I still followed club rules and would just sit there and drink. I never got mad because I knew who she was fucking that night, me.

depends on the girl and the dude...most of the time we have a no exceptions...NO ONE out front waiting for people...easist way to keep any stalker types away from the girls...there are few whom i allow...but they are good dudes and the girls always tip me properly...as I always say to people...EVERYTHING is negotiable

The Elastic Assassin
aggressive leprechauns.....discuss...

this is one of my fav stories actually lol..sorta frat

so this tiny lil bald dude came in right as we opened up and told me he had a ton of dough to spend(I NEVER hear this shit)

he said he wants to start popping bottles in the back and wants the 2 biggest sets of titty s in the joint. Now mind you its 5pm on a Tuesday night, so we didn't not have our "a" squad on yet, as the "sharks"(these are the girls who pull a few stacks a night on the regular)generally dont come in until 9pm or later. Poor lil bastard and I do mean SMALL, I am 6'2" around 250 so most dudes are smaller than me, but this guy I would bet buys his clothes at baby gap,. He got stuck with a couple of younger black chicks, who weren't used to getting asked to go into rooms and both ended up drunk within an hour and this displeased my lil hobbit friend, so he was ready to upgrade to higher class.

Now being the facilitator of fun that i am, I had 2 girls in mind to make this guys night. These 2 ladies had teamed up to take down NBA and NFL guys all the time, so I knew that they could handle Frodo and his deep pockets. They booked 3 hours and oredered 6 bottles of Dom...2.5 hours into it one of girls comes out telling me he had fallen a sleep...normally we tell the girls to let them crash and wait until the time is up, but I guess he was unpleasant lil prick who wanted the girls to be extra rough with him and all the excitement tuckered him out. This is another reason why we get the cash up front. Now I get the pleasure of waking my lil buddy, who is sporting a stiffy that could hold up a circus tent. He was OUT...I tried shaking him...blasting him with my flashlight...splashing water...and slapping him...finally I screamed and he came to...sorta...I then grabbed him some water and told him we had limo waiting on the house to get him back to his hotel, which is not uncommon for us to do if someone comes in spreads some dough around. He was totally fine...until...we got to the door...then he calmly told me he would KILL me...if I didn't let him go back and get his new girlfriend.

He grabbed the sides of the door and started flailing his legs at me and asked if I wanted my ass kicked...now remember that this dude is MAYBE 5'2" 120lbs and I am a chunky 6'2" 250...the door guy looked on in almost delight as this was going and my boss radio us to be nice to him...so I tired...i got him outside and up against the wall and he calmed down...for a minute...then when I asked him to get into the limo again...he squared up old school boxing Jack Dempsey at me and again asked if I want to fight...door guy is peeing himself in laughter...boss is laughing in radio telling me to stay calm and another bouncer is now trying to help me....i walk away to let other dude handled it...and Lucky the leprechaun...lunges at me and throws 10-15 windmill punches that all hit me in the chest or belly and trys to push me, but just knocks himself over...now i have had my fill of dude...I pick him up by his wrist and carry him towards the limo he resists so i wrist rolled him to the ground and go right to knee on chest and square up to bomb on him...this is where the other bouncer come to his rescue...pull me off him...pick him up by pants and literally toss him in the car...this lil spider monkey just rolled across the seat and jumped out the other side of the car...now hes in the streets screaming that he is gonna shoot me...limo dirver gets out and somehow convinced him to get into the car...they drive way and dude flips us off...fucking midget

best part about the whole thing...my mgr was in my ear the whole time calling the lil guy all kinds of names...the best was..."this guy looks the mascot for notre dame"

Give that Limo driver a job at your place

Dude is our house driver and was a special forces guy for Afghanistan and I have seen him many times beat the shit out of somalian cab drivers for trying to swoop in on fares

Hocky Balboa
Most disgusting thing that's happened at the club with one of the filthy broads that work there?

lets just say...one lady has a regular who likes to be bare ass farted on in the back room...one time...more than a fart happened...needless to say...the barback was NOT happy to clean that up

Zed Wayne Zed
If I bang one of your strippers, is there a good choice I'll get something?

the odds are NOT in your favor good sir

Does your club have a 'no sweat pants' dress code?

Yuppers...unless yer a high roller athlete who tips well...i have turned away many an NBA player who doesnt tip right

Any tips for picking up strippers? Other than offering cocaine?

best advice i can give is DON'T...most of these bitches are fucked whacked out mentally

I have only ever met one stripper who was stable.
Even then it was iffy.

true story.
this is how break down girls who strip
1) cute girl who needs money for school
2) damaged girl who hates men
3) lesbian girl who hates men even more
4) cute girl who had babies way to young
5) cheerleaders who have no other skills
6) cute waitress from nightclub who realized if she took her boobs out she could triple her money
7) any one of the above + old age
8) any of the above + alcoholic or junky
9) any of the above + broker who doesn't work
10) any of the above + shes just shark who knows how to manipulate men

OP, do you have a problem with pimps?  The real deal, ex-con, no kidding pimps? We had a major issue with them in Houston.  Running rings of girls on a circuit from Cali to Florida with Texas right in the middle.  Seriously nasty fucks.

Not really any problems...there are a few "brokers" as we call them...every once in awhile some dummy will try to bring in hoe off the streets to swoop some of our clientele...there are usually very obvious and we get them out before they even attempt...I will say a LOT of the "ghetto" strippers have "brokers" but they know better than to have them pick them up right out front

Ayatolla of Rock and Rolla
I want to hear some stories about pimps. Do they ever get violent in the club?

Not seen anything INSIDE the club...but I have seen a few blow ups at the end of the night of a girl doesn't make enough money to satisfy her broker

What's the best "athlete" or celeb in club story? You don't have to name names, but what's the best story or gossip you've heard of a famous person in club...thanks man

I have twice had to separate fights between NBA and NFL players...most NBA guys are douches...most NFL guys just want to get drunk...MLB guys throw money around pretty good...NHL guys rarely come through...WNBA girls LOVE the place and all have tipped really well

In your experience, who is the biggest asshole celeb/athlete?

Justin Verlander is without a doubt the biggest douche I have encountered

frat warning again....

so Justin travels in a douche posse...said posse has been in a few times since the Tigers are same division as Twins...every time he has come in...he has to start with an apology and a little grease for the wheels to appeases the mgmt...they will usually start off in our private vip area, but always end up spilling out all over the club...

now when I say posse...I mean it...20 plus douche bags of dick ridery...they ALWAYS ask for coke (I am not that guy)...they ALWAYS getting "handsy" with the girls (that is frowned upon) but the problem is...as with most fucktards with too much money...they will drop 20 k in a night and money is the fuel that turns the gears in this business...so they get a LOT of extra leeway...

one time in particular...Justin was bombed when he came in already...his posse was smaller...but what they lacked in numbers...they made up for in doucheyness...typical shit...only had tank tops and addidas pants...neither are alloowed for normal patrons,...3 out of a group 7 didnt have ID...also not allowed...so they tip me $500 at the door so I dont make a stink (always a smart move fyi) they go in and Justin is passed ouy within an hour and his boys are starting to rack up pretty high tab with back room dances and bottles...

now the smart thing would have been wake Mr Verlander and inform of what was partaking...but again...when a guy like this comes into a place like ours...it can make bartender, server, stripper, bouncer, dj and managements whole MONTH sometimes so you tend to milk it for all you can...you will never guess what happens...

Justin wakes up at end of the night and sees a monster bill that he wants nothing to do with...half of his crew had already ninja's their way out of the place and who was left had empty pockets...mgmt was understanding of the situation adn even offered to cover half of his 10k bill....he wasn't having it and decided it might be a good idea to flip the bill in the air...push the server and the mgr...and try to spit on me...

well...poor justin was not aware that I am not a fan of man spit on me and proceeded to hem him up in a rear naked...I knew I should not give full pressure as i didnt feel like getting on tmz...now Justin is pretty big dude and did his best to try and break free but I had him pretty laced up...now his douche crew starts flipping tables and chucking glasses cuz we got their meal ticket all kinds of fucked up...I had enough and decided to put the squeeze on ole Mr Tiger and put him into a more peaceful state of mind...he went out in about 20 seconds and then proceeded to piss himself...

at this point another bouncer came in...picked him up by his athletic pants and back of shirt and carried him to the town car they had waiting...his boys all trying to break the grip of my coworker and get their boy free...

I hit one of them with a PERFECT left-right and knocked him back and my coworker than dropped a big overhand on the other and ko'd him to sleep....dude I cracked picked up mr sleepy and drug him back to the limo as the cursed and threw water bottles at us as they drove away...

next day...Verlanders agent came in and paid the bill...tipped us all 200...paid the club an extra 5k for damages

If you dont mind... How much do you pull a week or a month, ball park?

It fluctuates a lot but I would say I average between 1500-2000 if i work 5 nights a week...I have had as low as 200 a night avg and as high as 700

How many of the girls do drugs? Ie coke meth etc

most of them smoke weed or drink...not too many geekers at our place cuz we regulate that shit...but of course its hard to watch all the time and every now and then some girl will get to turnt up and need to go home

Idk how you resist fucking them esp when youre high. usually ppl attracted to that job enjoy drama and action. And fucking hot strippers who are in top physical shape and have lots of hot clothes is some fun action. I dont blame you for not admitting it here under your real name, but i know how hard that shit is to not fuck them when youre fighting w your gf or after the strippers see you beat someones ass. Strippers get turned on watching you whip someones ass.

to be honest...the majority of the super hot ones are lesbian...that and I know their personality all too well and wouldnt want anything to do with that hot mess
Guys who cant control their dick dont last in this game...I like the money way too much to fuck it for a piece of ass

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7/16/14 10:02 PM by dthurb


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7/16/14 8:45 PM by Kurle

whoa special pants.... sweet.or maybe I already know Shane and my inquiry is appropriate considering...

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7/15/14 10:02 PM by chaplinshouse

Well put down that government cheese and come on down! It's your lucky day! They'll give free drinks, lap dances, champagne room, and the high roller section normally reserved for millionaires.  They will discard profit in lieu of pleasing thou.  They may even make sex with you and let you wear special pants.  All because the bouncer uses the same website!    He said he'll buy a beer dude, why would you even feel comfortable inquiring on budget VIP night from someone you don't really know? Jeesh, give an inch ask for a mile  

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7/15/14 8:53 PM by Kurle

Hypothetically say I showed up on a night you were working... how VIP would my VIP experience be... keeping in mind I am a poor promoter/former regulator...

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7/15/14 8:48 PM by Jesús X

yup, first time I went to an all nude, I was 21 and asked to buy alcohol, they said they only sold water, they fucking sold me an 8 dollar bottle of fiji water,I only spent 100 bucks at the club that day so I wasnt too pissed, but the no alcohol,thing was weird to me at the time

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7/15/14 8:36 PM by Jesús X

spearmint rhino entertainer of the year comp is great,hottest strippers ever, we had two low budget fully nude strip clubs here in wilmington,ca I used to go to where like 50% of the girls hooked, they got closed down or went out of business,they didnt sell alcohol tho, but the strippers would let you motorboat and put your hands on their ass and hips.

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7/15/14 5:12 PM by JJitsu

Girls get minimum dances if they're not on the schedule or some other form of fee. Girls need to be on schedule once or twice a week to be able to work freely without getting minimums.Depending on the club, youre looking at its either a 60/40 or 70/30 split. So every $20 dance they do they owe the club $7 or $8. If they have minimums they have to do a certain # of dances and give 100% to the club. Usually 8 minimums dances, $160 for not being on schedule. Girls DO NOT like getting minimums so they beg and plead to not get them.... but they also dont want to work a mandatory shift so they get them....so let's say your a bouncer and a girl comes in late? "That's gonna cost you 4 minimums""Oh no Pleeeeeez cmon I'll tip you!" (As she's rubbing your dick she slips yo $30)"oh OK just this once"And the game goes on

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7/15/14 4:56 PM by SugaShaneDZ

Hey fellas!!! Well I guess I have finally made it life as this AMA was on the front page pf the OG with picture LOLI will get to the questions tomorrow as I am wrecked tired...I worked last until around 5 am...slept a few hours...went back at 11 am this morning to go promote around the all-star festivities...and now I am going to crash a few hours before the loooong night tonight...we got a special liquor license to sell until 4 am tonight and I expect to have a crazy night....i will get to the rest of questions maybe tomorrow morning when I get home around 7am!!!If your in the Twin Cities bring your ass out flash me faka and I just might buy ya a beer

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7/15/14 4:48 PM by Juggernautt

Yeah here in cali it's either topless with full bar and chicks are over 21 obviously OrFull nude, 18 an over with no alcohol at all

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7/15/14 4:42 PM by AristidesBrito