OGer cuts his finger off, really. Warning: Graphic images


by enseiawesome

I cut my finger off with a hatchet a few (5) weeks ago...

Me, the lady (already posted pics in previous threads), and my roommate (FELLOW OG'ER WHO LED ME TO THIS PROMISED LAND) have 3 large breed dogs. 2 - 70 & 80 lb American Pitbull Terriers, 1 - 115lb American Bulldog. The dogs love it outside but we have to stay out with them because they play rough, and because of ignorant people and their uneducated stigmas we don't want anything happening to them, they are like children so I was putting in fence posts and some roots were in the way, so I grabbed them and while chopping landed dead in line with the last knuckle in my pinky.

As soon as it happened I knew...I threw a wash cloth on it hopped in the car and went to the ER making sure that I don't let a 3rd of my pinky break off from the last thin piece of skin. I ran in blood going everywhere and they rush me back. They ask me to pull the cloth off and I lift my hand with a serious portion of my finger dangling as I did blood squirted out onto the wall and by the time I got moved the room was covered in blood.

It's unreal how much blood you can lose through a pinky.

The Dr. came in, stuck a needle in the tip of expised bone and flesh, and started pumping a local anesthetic into it. The pain was at the verge of being unbearable.

I called the Lady and her response I swear to God said word for word: "Pics or it didn't happen." So, I sent her some snapshots and she left work and came there right away HAHA...

In the meantime, the Dr. examined it, informing me I perfectly sliced the tendon and sliced through the joint dead center and the platic/reconstructive surgeon was on his way.

I told them to hurry because I had a final for college, last semester, no biggie. Didn't make it to that one. Had surgery and all that happy horse shit. Has been healing great until 2 days ago.

The surgery I had 2 pins inserted through the tip into the joint and down my finger with a hole in the tip to be pulled out later, no good. I had an extreme infection pop up within an hour yesterday and almost lost it for good. It was swollen to the point where they told me to be ready for surgery when I show up.

The Dr luckily was able to grab the pins and pull them straight out of the tip. This is where I hate this shit. He wasn't able to stick a needle in it to numb it, and wouldn't put me out. The pain was already to the point of no fucks given. It was the worst experience of my life.

Now the infection is still there, and I have lost all feeing and function of my pinky. It's nasty. It's like a dead tumor dangling because I cant move it. I keep hitting it one time bending it unnaturally backwards 45° crunching almost making me throw up...


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SQUIRREL Master site profile image  

7/12/14 6:33 PM by SQUIRREL Master


Barbasol OOTFFTT site profile image  

6/23/14 3:09 PM by Barbasol OOTFFTT

holy shit

Freeman site profile image  

6/23/14 3:05 PM by Freeman

LOL! Yep.  

senseiawesome site profile image  

6/23/14 2:29 PM by senseiawesome

Holy shit man that makes my stomach turn just hearing that

TempestPrime15 site profile image  

6/22/14 9:44 PM by TempestPrime15

(After looking at the last pic). On the bright side, your pinky now has abs!

Res ipsa loquitar site profile image  

6/22/14 2:23 PM by Res ipsa loquitar

"So, I had 2 of those pins in there. They werent supposed to stick out at all like in the pics...the Dr. just gets some pliers grips that pin and in one swift pull it comes out. The pain is unreal, you can feel the pin sliding out of your joint all the way up your arm, makes me feel uneasy thinking about it. "   I had two through my elbow pulled out that way and I can attest to it being the worst pain I have ever felt.

SQUIRREL Master site profile image  

6/22/14 2:18 PM by SQUIRREL Master

I am his rommate i took him to the hospital the other day to have the pins removed...it was awesome but looked very painful

senseiawesome site profile image  

6/22/14 12:16 PM by senseiawesome

I tossed you a VU for yesterday.

Cherrycola site profile image  

6/22/14 5:12 AM by Cherrycola

Ahaha I loved reading this thread and seeing the OGs responses... Hope everything gets back to normal OP!!

BendosSMOOTHshaft site profile image  

6/22/14 4:58 AM by BendosSMOOTHshaft

Apparently I was drunk and stoned and thought everybody should read it (O_o)