Street justice is served


Guy tries to jack a car with women and children. Community members jump in to help the women grabbing the keys out of carjacker's hands pulling him out of the car, while police are called, when carjacker tries to get away he is brought down and held there till police arrived, Carjacker was taken into custody. Women and children were checked out by EMT, seemed shaken up but no physical injuries.

Thanks to Rumblefish for the find!

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Frills site profile image  

7/14/14 12:20 PM by Frills

dude sprung a leak

theoutsiders site profile image  

7/14/14 12:19 PM by theoutsiders

I chuckled out if joy

BadDog site profile image  

7/14/14 12:15 PM by BadDog


B_Goetz site profile image  

7/14/14 12:15 PM by B_Goetz

Just a couple hours ago I saw a woman chase a hit-and-run driver into a parking lot, where the driver and a female passenger ditched the vehicle and fled the scene (making me think it was a stolen vehicle). By the time I understood what was happening the guy was pretty far away on foot, but I'm disappointed in myself I didn't try to chase him. Kinda feel like a pussy now.

BackOffWarchild site profile image  

7/14/14 12:13 PM by BackOffWarchild

City Heights, that crappy old van.  Dude was definitely going to take it across the border and unload it for a couple hundred, tops.  Dude was willing to hurt and terrorize a woman with small children for nothing.  Fucking animal.

B_Goetz site profile image  

7/14/14 12:09 PM by B_Goetz

Wow, good response time.

MisterDerp site profile image  

7/14/14 11:53 AM by MisterDerp

that area is pretty cutty too

Eggbert site profile image  

7/14/14 11:42 AM by Eggbert

That hand stomp!

Wyatt Derp site profile image  

7/14/14 10:47 AM by Wyatt Derp

That was good to to see glad those guys stepped up!

SD CARTEL site profile image  

7/14/14 10:31 AM by SD CARTEL

I am actually shocked it turned out so nonviolent. People in this city are waiting to put a dent in somones head for something like this lol. My denali got jacked by some cholo's and was found in southeast some years back...had about 10 g's worth of goodies removed from it. The cops didn't even press charges because they couldn't prove he was the one that stole it...had meth on him too.