Cop shoots10yr old boy while trying to shoot dog


Police were searching for 19-year-old Christopher Barnett, who had allegedly shot a police officer following a robbery at a gas station earlier in the day. Barnett had made his way to a trailer park in Douglas and was followed by police. Dakota Corbitt was in the front yard of his home in the trailer park during the police search for Barnett.

According to Coffee County Sheriff Doyle Wooten, a deputy went onto the property where Corbitt lives and claimed that a dog ran up to him. The deputy fired on the dog, but somehow missed and shot Corbitt in the back of the leg.

Corbitt was taken to Savannah Memorial Hospital, where it was found that the bullet missed all major arteries and Corbitt would not need surgery.

Barnett was later found near the trailer park and was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

The deputy who shot Corbitt has not yet been named. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is currently investigating the incident.

Thanks to Onikage for the find!

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Onikage site profile image  

7/15/14 2:18 PM by Onikage

With all of those "Simulator" games coming out on Kickstarter and Steam, someone really needs to make "Cop Simulator." Rack up points by shooting family pets, blowing up toddlers with flashbangs, and joining up with your friends online to beat an unarmed man to death. Bonus points and a promotion if you can pull off a stunt like the cop in this story went for, shoot a dog and child with a single bullet. As you level you unlock more advanced gear until you finally look like a fully decked out soldier with an MRAP, full body armor, and multiple rifles. Please thank me in the credits.

Grimmus site profile image  

7/14/14 9:33 PM by Grimmus

serious question...when I was 8-9 years old i would encounter aggressive dogs every time i rode my bike...didnt get bit, didnt shoot the dog..just stood my ground and the dog fucked off after a few minutes...if you can't even deal with a fucking dog should you really be allowed to be a cop?

Ridgeback site profile image  

7/14/14 9:19 PM by Ridgeback

Veterinarians work their whole careers with vicious or wounded dogs that go for their face or throat and never have to kill a dog to help it, but these cops act like dogs are velociraptors and have to be exterminated on site. If you accidentally shoot a kid you should fall on your sword. 

Grimmus site profile image  

7/14/14 9:18 PM by Grimmus

to protect and serve... and kill every fucking dog within 5 square miles...

thebronxbomber site profile image  

7/14/14 9:17 PM by thebronxbomber

I don't think that story is accurate. Here is the real video. Think in the video it says the dog ran into the cop and the gun went off?

angryinch site profile image  

7/14/14 9:15 PM by angryinch

This.  If I get audited, can I get my family and friends to conduct the audit?

Grimmus site profile image  

7/14/14 9:12 PM by Grimmus

heard the cop suddenly found 2oz of meth on his Bigwheel...justified IMO

Chris Weidened My Diameter site profile image  

7/14/14 9:10 PM by Chris Weidened My Diameter

Ding ding ding ding ding !!!!!

GOREILLAMAN site profile image  

7/14/14 9:01 PM by GOREILLAMAN

Both. And vtfu!!

IDXtreme site profile image  

7/14/14 8:43 PM by IDXtreme

The perp surrendered in order to save the community after witnessing the wreckless cops shooting at innocent people and pets.