Social experiment: Mugging a kid in public


What will you do if you see a child getting mugged in public? We were surprised to see people watch and ignore the crime happen. But some amazed us by helping and running after the mugger.

All you need is to change your perspective by placing yourselves in place of that child.

Thanks to Rumblefish for the find!

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Leigh site profile image  

7/16/14 8:08 AM by Leigh

Is it always clear someone is being mugged/attacked? Someone starts punching someone else, maybe they know them and there is a reason? I'm not condoning it and have always stopped someone hitting another person when I've seen it but if the person isn't shouting for help, maybe people don't know what to do?

dojo stormer site profile image  

7/16/14 7:32 AM by dojo stormer

well they look like indians.  too many of those fucks to matter about anyway

Musashi site profile image  

7/16/14 6:33 AM by Musashi

Well that was a waste of time. Shitty acting. People are hesitating because it looks like they are messing around (which they are).Not to mention - if you're going to fake a kid being mugged, the kid needs to YELL. The silent mauling just looked odd. Either silent with a knife to the throat.. or yelling in a frenzied tussle.Symptom of our times. Any idiot with a camera can film shit like this.

David@accu site profile image  

7/15/14 10:37 AM by David@accu

    So they do a social experiment and widely broadcast that they did it. So the next time there is a real mugging people are just going to think it's fake.

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

7/15/14 10:32 AM by ranier wolfcastle

maybe they think the mugger has a knife or worse, and dont wanna get hurt?

Aaron Becker site profile image  

7/15/14 9:44 AM by Aaron Becker

do Abus not care about anything that happens around them as long as it's not happening to them?

jrdaley site profile image  

7/15/14 9:38 AM by jrdaley

That looks like 2 kids making a movie or playing...thats not what being mugged is all.

jrdaley site profile image  

7/15/14 9:38 AM by jrdaley


gesous site profile image  

7/15/14 9:19 AM by gesous


JustMidge site profile image  

7/15/14 6:58 AM by JustMidge