Gun-owning mom busted in NJ could face 3 years


Atlantic County, New Jersey (My9NJ) -
27 year-old Shaneen Allen wanted to protect her family. She took a gun safety course, applied for and was granted a concealed carry permit and she purchased a gun.

“One of my family members, he thought it was appropriate for me to get one because I’m a single mother and I have two children and I work two jobs and I work late and getting up at that time of night I got robbed twice last year and he felt the need for me to get my license to protect me and my kids,” Allen explained.

However, while Allen, from Philadelphia, was covered to carry a gun in Pennsylvania, she made the mistake of crossing into New Jersey with the weapon and now she's facing a mandatory minimum of three-years in jail.

Allen said that she didn't know her permit didn't apply to New Jersey so when she was stopped for a minor traffic offense she told the police about her gun and her permit to carry. In this case, being honest may have cost her.

“The judge tried to tell me that telling the truth messed me up, my life up and the cop said the same thing. Me opening my mouth and speaking out he said I’m one out of ten people that spoke up and was honest and that got me in trouble,” she said.

Allen was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of hallow-point bullets which were in the gun. Under New Jersey gun laws, the illegal possession of a gun is a second-degree felony which holds a minimum sentence of three-years in prison.

Allen’s Attorney Evan Nappen feels that the judge doesn't have a lot of discretion in this particular case.

Thanks to Dark Knight for the find!

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chaplinshouse site profile image  

7/16/14 1:23 PM by chaplinshouse

what? the land of the free? whoever told you that is your enemy

Dark Knight site profile image  

7/16/14 12:49 PM by Dark Knight

Bloomberg had 2 people in NYC with guns that didn't know. Even he let them go.

Rogans secret stash site profile image  

7/16/14 11:55 AM by Rogans secret stash

Agree. That being said, I have a cpl. I know where I can and can't carry. If I'm going somewhere I'm not sure about the laws, I look it up. Don't want to end up like this lady. You have a responsibility as a legal gun carrying American to follow laws, or deal with the consequences. I don't agree with the laws changing across state lines but I personally wouldn't risk it.

unioncarp site profile image  

7/16/14 11:43 AM by unioncarp

Live in Philly and went to dinner with my girlfriend where she surprised me with concert ticket to a place in Jersey. Had my gun on me and was right near the bridge but I drove all the way home, dropped off the gun and then went to the concert. Missed part of the opening act but may have saved three years in prison. Anyone who took a gun class near Philly should have had it ingrained in their head to not go New Jersey with a gun. Feel bad for her, worse for her kids.

McFly site profile image  

7/16/14 11:38 AM by McFly


fob site profile image  

7/16/14 11:37 AM by fob

America, no longer land of the free

Brockback Mountain site profile image  

7/16/14 11:36 AM by Brockback Mountain


Fake Pie site profile image  

7/16/14 11:35 AM by Fake Pie

"So far the Atlantic County Prosecutor has denied her entry into a diversionary program that would allow her to avoid jail time."What a POS.

The Man With No Screen Name site profile image  

7/16/14 11:33 AM by The Man With No Screen Name

Liberals gonna liberal

Fake Pie site profile image  

7/16/14 11:32 AM by Fake Pie

Also, keep in mind crossing from Philly into Jersey is like going across town. It isn't like she had some cross-country trip planned from Virginia up the eastern coast and left it in a hotel room :)Hell, she could have made a wrong turn and ended up in Camden.