660 UK pedos arrested in police crackdown


LONDON -- British police say they have arrested 660 suspected pedophiles during a six-month operation.

The National Crime Agency said Wednesday the investigation targeted Internet users with child abuse images -- suspects who included doctors, teachers, Scout leaders and former police officers.

Deputy director general Phil Gormley said the crackdown was the biggest police operation of its kind in Britain. The agency said hundreds of children were "safeguarded" as a result of the information uncovered.

Britain has been rocked by a series of child abuse scandals in recent years since details emerged about the numerous sex crimes committed by the late BBC entertainer Jimmy Savile.

Thanks to hubris for the find!

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Salted Karma site profile image  

7/17/14 7:53 PM by Salted Karma

You sound like you ARE one of these guys

Wizgub site profile image  

7/17/14 6:10 PM by Wizgub

From my experiance no. Jail culture here is night and day compared to america. FUCK being in an american jail

Altofsky site profile image  

7/17/14 5:12 PM by Altofsky

Well, if you guys need to borrow any rapists, we've got plenty to spare.

BJTT_WiredFreebird site profile image  

7/17/14 6:52 AM by BJTT_WiredFreebird

This. Parliament is rife with it and its all going to become public soon. This is a distraction. Shame to see William hauge step down, done auch a good job following in leon brittans footsteps.

seg site profile image  

7/17/14 6:44 AM by seg

Haven't seen Turtle post for awhile, I hope he's ok.

Leigh site profile image  

7/17/14 4:55 AM by Leigh

It's very rare here. Nonces can also request to be put on the protection wing, away from general population.

I AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS site profile image  

7/17/14 4:20 AM by I AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS

I've always wanted to get hold of one of these guys, tie them down, shove a tube in their ass, then drop crumbs and sugar and stuff down the tube, then drop a heap of green ants or fire ants, any kind of nasty ant. That's what I'd like to do.

Invisible Lats Syndrome site profile image  

7/17/14 4:19 AM by Invisible Lats Syndrome

He looks like a pedo.

Lanceness021 site profile image  

7/17/14 4:13 AM by Lanceness021

http://www.blackmorevale.co.uk/Paedophile-Ian-Bell-retired-Corfe-Mullen-teacher/story-21309112-detail/story.htmlThis was one of my old school teachers done for it recently. I really wanted to be a guy you see on the news, heckling the side of the police van telling him he's a cunt. I always thought they were losers before this.

Squatdog site profile image  

7/17/14 4:03 AM by Squatdog

In related news, 660 pikes have been ordered by the Tower of London.