Is a cat born brain parasite influencing human culture?

Only 7% of Brits carry the parasite; 67% of Brazilians do. Given that the parasite alters behaviour, infection on this scale could lead to sizeable differences.

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Microsoft avoids 29 billion dollars in US taxes 

The Microsoft Corporation is currently sitting on almost $29.6 billion it would owe in U.S. taxes if it repatriated the $92.9 billion of earnings it is keeping offshore.

Neanderthals coexisted with humans for 5,400 years 

Neanderthals existed in Europe for up to 5,400 years, according to researchers from Oxford university who used new techniques to pinpoint when they became extinct.

Idiocracy coming true? 

In the 2006 movie, Idiocracy, society's IQ dropped well below the 'normal' line. Hillarity ensues as we watch the world fall apart. Not so funny if it's happening for real ...

120 lb woman eats two 72oz steaks in 20 min 

"I did two in a row. My time on the first was 4 min 58 sec... I hope to do it well under 4 min next time - also I am going to try and do 3 whole meals under an hours."

Chi master starts fire with hands. Real? 

He claims he uses chi energy in his body to heal people. Also demonstrates by starting a fire with his hands. Could be fake, if so bravo, but he made it seem real as hell.

Every gym has one 

Working out at a gym is so much more than mere “me” time. It’s a social experience unlike any other, where we get to see ridiculous people doing incredibly ridiculous things.

Liberian slums barricaded as Ebola sets new record 

Riot police and soldiers acting on their president’s orders used scrap wood and barbed wire to seal off 50,000 people inside their Liberian slum Wednesday.

RIP Mike Matarazzo 

"All those guys who are on an eternal quest to have 21" arms and 20" calves, and who are so vain about their never-say-die attitude, I say, 'Change your attitude.'"

Man’s best friend with benefits group formed in Germany 

Oliver Burdinski is fighting for the right to have a relationship with his dog. His purebred Siberian husky, Joey, is his sexual partner.

OG'er: My experience with Tinder pics 

First a little backstory: I was super fat in high-school, but a very funny nice guy. Girls didn't come easy but I managed to snag a few to date and screw around with ...

George W Bush does the ice bucket challenge 

Say what you will about the ice bucket campaign but this is pretty funny. Our 43rd president takes part in the viral ice bucket challenge from his home.

Man fakes death to avoid upcoming wedding 

Wedding season is upon us. It's understandable that some people get cold feet, but this guy went to extremes to avoid getting married — by faking his own death.

ALS ice bucket fail compilation 

The idea apparently started in 2013 in frigid parts of the US, when participants had to donate funds to a cause or jump in a (cold) lake. Now you bring the cold to you.

The world's worst comedian ever 

Darrell Bluett is the most innovative, daring, and unusual stand-up comedian of the early 21st century, having elevated the art of not being funny to an unfathomable level.

OG Discussion: Social crimes 

After my last trip to India my old social crimes have kind of withered under the lights. I had a guy change his baby on the airplane fold down tray right next to me. But ...

Guy goes on rant about Ferguson 

Johnathan Gentry's epic Facebook rant against Al Sharpton and the Ferguson, Missouri rioters and looters, as broken by on August 12. Discuss.