Michael Bisping: PED users should be banned for life

Michael Bisping: "If you're taking performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) and you get caught, in my mind, you should be banned for life."

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McSweeny released because of social media post 

Former UFC light heavyweight James McSweeney was hoping to continue his career in OneFC, but was recently released for comments he made on social media.

Silva: I will lose $12,000/month under new Reebok deal 

UFC welterweight Erick Silva recently gave an interview stating that the UFC's new Reebok will cost him $12,000/month in sponsorships:.

White: Weidman on a 'Jon Jones-type run' 

Dana White recently stated that Chris Weidman's run is similar to that made of former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

UFC responds to accusations over Reebok deal to women 

Women fighters with limited bouts under the tenure model are treated the same as other experienced men or women new to UFC from other organizations not included in the ...

Henderson: Move to 170 now permanent 

Benson Henderson is a former lightweight champion, but most recently fought and won at welterweight. Now Henderson is making the move permanent.

Guy has never rolled, earns blue belt from Gracies 

The Gracie University offers an online instructional course whereby you can earn a blue belt without stepping out to the mat to live roll with training partners.

McMann issues open challenge to entire division 

Sara McMann: "I understand that I would be a hard person to fight, having wrestling credentials and improving on my striking. It doesn't matter."

Ken Shamrock documentary The Greatest Fight premiers June 18 

Filmmaker Darren Wilson was allowed unprecedented access into Ken’s world as he fought what were thought to be his final three fights.

Mike Swick: The Comeback - Episode 3 

With eight weeks to go until UFC 189, Mike Swick seeks web redemption, seeing if he can feed the local monkeys without a gangster moment.

The Rock: McGregor reminds me of myself 

The Rock: "What I love about Conor is the same thing I love, by the way, about Aldo, with Aldo there's a quiet confidence and with Conor the confidence is not quiet."

Correia apologizes for suicide trash talk 

Bethe Correia must not have been aware at the time last Rousey lost her father to suicide when she was eight and issued an apology after being scolded by Rousey on Twitter.

Rousey: The World's Most Dangerous Woman 

Ronda Rousey has graced the cover of magazines, starred in Hollywood films, signed blue chip sponsorships and most recently was profiled by Rolling Stone.

Rockhold: I am better than Weidman everywhere 

Luke Rockhold: "I'm better than [Chris Weidman] everywhere. I see it as a fight that will be on the feet ... Everything matches up perfectly for me."

Rousey responds to inappropriate Correia suicide taunt 

Ronda Rousey: "Bethe Correia suicide is no joke or selling point. My father will be with me the day I hand you the comeuppance you deserve."

Weidman: Jacare more dangerous than Rockhold 

Chris Weidman: "If I was to say who was more dangerous, it would probably be Jacare, but there are probably more holes in his game than Rockhold."

Brown wants winner of Alves/Condit 

Matt Brown: “I’m hoping I get the winner of that fight...That’s what I would like. An ideal situation, I beat Means and I get the winner of that fight."

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