Dodson: I am the savior of the flyweight division

Although flyweight fights are almost always exciting, the UFC's flyweight division has not gotten much attention, but John Dodson plans to change all that.

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DC: How will AJ deal my with monster adversity? 

Daniel Cormier on Anthony Johnson: "So for me it's a matter of seeing how does he deal with adversity now that he's with that monster."

Lauzon very, very happy with new Reebok tier 

Joe Lauzon: “I’m obviously very, very happy about the change. I went from being basically bottom tier to close to the top tier."

Hendo vs. Boetsch new UFN 68 main event 

With Daniel Cormier out of his main event fight vs. Ryan Bader at UFN 68, Dan Henderson vs. Tim Boetsch has been selected as the new main event.

Rockhold: Belfort's a joke, has never fought clean 

Luke Rockhold: “Vitor Belfort is a joke. I’ll say it and I’ll say it again. The guy hasn’t fought clean once in his whole life. I think his whole career is a joke.:

Manager: 50/50 chance Jon Jones returns to the Octagon 

Malki Kawa: "If this is the last time we've ever seen him fight and it very well may be, then it's because of a decision he's decided to make."

Melvin Guillard signs with Bellator MMA 

Scott Coker on the signing of Melvin Guillard: “We are excited to have Melvin coming onboard ... the matchup possibilities for an exciting fighter like him are endless.”

Evans: I didn't handle everything right with Jones 

"At some point you have to look back and see your role in the situation. Looking back and seeing my whole role in the situation, I didn't handle everything right."

White: Stop beating the $#!^ out of each other every day 

Dana White: "That's what I'm saying. You can't have all the best guys in the world beating the living $#!^ out of each other every day. You can't do it."

Veronica Rothenhausler retires due to concussions 

"When I sit down and think about it, is it worth me not living? The doctor said your next blow to the head could be the one and that's f@$%ed up to hear."

Did Maeda teach the Gracies Judo or Jiu-Jitsu? 

Helio Gracie: "But Konde Koma was always fighting in real fights, so a lot of tricks to win in a real fight were incorporated in his teaching."

MMA Twitter reacts to FMJ vs. Pacquiao 

"That felt more like a business transaction than a fight," tweeted Conor McGregor. "Respect to Floyd though. Boxing is not the style of fighting to stop him."

Cris Cyborg: I don't want the belt, just Ronda Rousey 

Cris Cyborg appeared on UFC Tonight last night and talked about her making it to the bantamweight division and her continued desire to fight Ronda Rousey.

New information reveals Diaz passed two drug tests, but failed one 

It was recently revealed that Nick Diaz passed two drug tests for his UFC 183 fight, on the same night of his failed test that were tested by a different laboratory.

'Filthy' is back at UFC on FOX 16 

After sitting on the shelf for back to back injuries Tom Lawlor is back and fighting Gian Villante at UFC on FOX 16 on July 25 at the United Center in Chicago.

Jorge Masvidal moving to welterweight 

Jorge Masivdal appeared recently on the Stand and Bang MMA podcast, and reported that he is moving from lightweight up to welterweight.

Sonnen predicts FMJ vs. Pacquiao: Who is going to sleep? 

Chael Sonnen: "This fight reminds me of the Kentucky Derby, if the favorite horse ran away from the other horses the entire time."

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