Aldo out, Chad Mendes in vs. Conor McGregor for interim featherweight title

Dana White has announced that UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo is out and Chad Mendes is in vs. Conor McGregor. The pair will fight for the Interim title.

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Koscheck: I get to take off my handcuffs 

Josh Koscheck: “Finally, I get to take off my handcuffs and I don’t have to be tied to the UFC rules, restrictions and underground rules."

Coach: Kimbo will fight anyone; maybe DADA 5000? 

Mike Brown: “I don’t know if it has the same push as the Shamrock fight, obviously. But that would be something that I wouldn’t mind seeing. I think it would do really well ...

White: People don't want to be preached to 

Dana White reacts to Romero outburst: "America doesn’t want to hear your thoughts on Jesus. Keep that stuff at home, religion, politics, all that stuff."

Twitter reacts to McGregor vs. Mendes 

Jose Aldo is unable to compete and McGregor will now fight Chad Mendes for the interim featherweight title fight. Twitter reacted with excitement for the new title fight.

CSAC testing entire UFN 71 card out of competition 

The CSAC is doing surprise out of competition testing for nearly the entire card at UFC Fight Night 71: Mir vs. Duffee, which takes place on July 15 in San Diego.

White: Fighters have loved the apparel, so far 

Dana White on the Reebok Fight Kit: "At the end of the day, that's all that matters - that the fighters like it. And everybody is happy with it. So far."

Fertitta: We fit very nicely with Reebok's focus on training 

Lorenzo Fertitta: "They've kind of carved their niche out in training, with CrossFit ... They have a lot of history there. And we think that we fit in nicely there."

How does cage size effect fight outcome? 

Paul Gift analyzed 3,156 men's fights, in 312 UFC/WEC events, from Feb. 23, 2001 to Apr. 25, 2015. The bouts were split 79/21 on 30'/25' cage.

Twitter reacts to Reebok Fight Kit unveiling 

"It's all a bit #Zoolander" tweeted UFC fighter and color commentator Dan Hardy, capturing the feeling as Reebok unveiled the new UFC Fight Kit.

UFC & Reebok unveil Fight Kit 

Today the UFC held a press event to officially unveil the Reebok Fight Night Kit that all athletes will wear into the Octagon. The event streamed live.

Why do Americans not care about kickboxing? 

Pat Barry: "Kickboxing needs somebody who is going to play that Hollywood bad-ass movie role. But the thing is, kickboxers aren't like that."

Schwarzenegger: McGregor one of the 'greatest athletes of all time' 

Arnold Schwarzenegger: "He does that to get noticed and because of that, because he's a great fighter and because of his personality, he now is becoming the hottest ticket."

BJ: I haven't done martial arts in a year 

BJ Penn: "I haven't done martial arts this past year. I've been relaxing just catching up on stuff that I missed out in life instead of being in the gym all the time."

Renzo Gracie injured, out of ADCC match with Matt Hughes 

Renzo Gracie is injured, faces knee surgery, and is out of the 2015 ADCC superfight with former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes.

Bermudez looking to make Stephens 'look stupid' at UFC 189 

Featherweight Dennis Bermudez faces a tough test in veteran Jeremy Stephens at UFC 189, but feels like he has the skill set to make his opponent 'look stupid'.

Mike Swick: The Comeback - Episode 6 

Mike Swick celebrates his birthday with hard training and then wraps up his three-month fight camp in Phuket, prior to his fight with Alex Garcia at UFC 189.

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