Leslie Smith beats up dirtbag outside club, with Heather Clark assisting

Cesar Gracie: "Leslie Smith approached the man and said, "Hey you can't do that" at which point the larger male responded, "F@$% you I can do whatever I want."

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Report: Baszler among ten released from UFC roster 

According to a report that surfaced from the twitter account UFCFIGHTERSinfo, the UFC has released ten of it's fighters from the active roster.

Correia: I will make ‘farce’ Ronda Rousey cry 

Bethe Correia: "I’ll give you the biggest beating of your life. I’ll make you suffer pain, I’ll make you cry in pain. I’ll humiliate you, and you’ll leave your belt here."

Rankings Update: P4P shift 

This past weekend the UFC held UFC Fight Night 67, in Brazil featuring on a couple bouts that had an effect in the official Rankings.

Bad Boy CEO: Reebok deal ends 'free ride' 

Bad Boy CEO Robin Offner on the Reebok Deal: "So for the MMA companies we got a free ride. And free rides don't last forever."

Bader: Cormier becoming a Diva 

Ryan Bader: "... But you know I’ve been around him, and I can just see it just piling on, piling on, and pretty soon he’s going to be a full blown diva.”

Condit: I want winner of Lawler vs. MacDonald 

Carlos Condit: "I want whoever has the title in a couple months. Whether it's Rory or whether it's Robbie Lawler, I want that guy."

Burt Watson surprises Joe Lauzon at his wedding 

Watson made a special guest appearance at Joe Lauzon's wedding, introducing the bride and groom to the audience after the wedding party had come out.

Rousey: Shaq was 100% correct 

TMZ recently caught up with Rousey to get her opinion, and she said she did believe it was possible that former NBA veteran and 7'1", 325 lb. Shaq could last forty five ...

Win your share of $25,000 from Draft Kings at UFN 68! 

This weekend’s UFC Fight Night: New Orleans tournament from Draft Kings features a total prize pool of $25,000 with $2,000 to the 1st Place winner!

Rousey fears high def Toe 

"I swear to God, every time after I win, even before I take my mouth guard out, I pull my shorts down, and it's because I have a phobia of high-def camel toe,"

Aldo rips Reebok Deal 

Jose Aldo on The Reebok Deal: ""First of all. It's $#!^ ... That is great for the UFC, but not for the fighters. I see a lot of athletes losing too much."

UFC Fight Night 68 results & discussion 

UFC Fight Night 68 takes place Saturday June 6th, in New Orleans, Louisiana and features a middleweight main event between Dan Henderson & Tim Boestch.

Alves breaks nose in super slow motion 

Carlos Condit landed a nasty elbow that broke Alves' nose and changed the course of the fight. The super slow motion cameras of Fox captured the elbow perfectly.

Melvin Guillard: I was depressed during WSOF run 

Melvin Guillard: "When you're depressed and you really don't want to be somewhere, hey, you don't really give it your all. That's all I can say."

UFN 67 performance bonuses: Oliveira 100K 

Charles Oliveira, Nik Lentz, Rony Jason, AND Charles Oliveira earned $50,000 performance bonuses at UFC Fight Night 67 in Goias, Brazil.

Aguilar hopes for UFC debut, and title shot 

Jessica Aguilar: "At the end of the day, as long as I get a fair deal, I’ll do whatever the UFC wants. But I feel I deserve the title shot. That’s the fight I want."

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