Andrade: Homophobia is everywhere in Brazil, could learn from US

Jessica Andrade: "I will always be happy the way I am. I will respect anyone who thinks differently, but I know what I have in my heart and only God can judge me."

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Which martial art is king of the streets? 

"In the streets mixed martial arts in my opinion is your number one option for self defense. However, some people don't have the time to dedicate themselves."

Frankie Edgar: Interim just really a no.1 contender bout 

Frankie Edgar: "This is really not an interim title, it's really more a number one contender fight. The winner gets to fight Aldo when he's healthy."

Coach: Chad Mendes will finish Conor McGregor in second 

Fabio Prado: "He will get the takedown, lock his hips and throw his hands. When McGregor tries to get back up, Chad will catch him."

UFC 189 Embedded: Episode 3 

Conor McGregor goes on Conan, and Chad Mendes freezes his nipples off. Mendes also explains how Chael Sonnen’s tweet forced him to change his cell number.

Rousey lands movie role opposite Mark Wahlberg 

Ronda Rousey's Hollywood career continues to roll with the announcement she has landed a role opposite Mark Wahlberg in the action movie 'Mile 22'.

Conor McGregor on Conan O'Brien 

Conor McGregor details how he fights like an animal, discusses whether women weaken legs, talks that tiger tattoo, and says he'd fight FMJ, any rules.

McGregor: F--k everybody who's doubting me 

Conor McGregor: "There will always be something to try and discredit me. But at the end of the day, cash beats credit every day of the week."

Koscheck: From here on out, refer to Paul Daley as ‘P-ssy Boy 

Josh Koscheck: “Josh Koscheck vs. Paul Daley 2 is going to be awesome; it’s going to break records, I can promise you that."

Iole talks to Aldo's MDs and coach 

When Jose Aldo suffered a rib injury, and had to pull out of the most heavily promoted fight in UFC history, the hardcore fanbase went kind of nutty.

MacDonald: 'I'm ready to win the title and defend it' 

Rory MacDonald: "I don't think the title shot could have come at a better time. I'm happy that I got it right now and not before. I'm ready to win it and defend it."

Penn misses 'being the baddest man on the planet' 

BJ Penn: "I don't miss a three-month training camp. I don't miss fight week. But I do miss being the baddest man on the planet."

Rampage: Shogun owes me a rematch 

Rampage: "A lot of people asking who I wanna fight next. I think Shogun owes me a rematch,I should have pulled out of our 1st fight but my pride wouldn't let me."

Why Conor McGregor learned to fight 

Conor McGregor: "She was maybe 15, 16 years of age. Her boyfriend was like 17 or 18. Him and his little crew were driving cars and everything and I was only a young kid."

Sonnen: If I'm in charge, Aldo would be stripped 

Chael Sonnen: “I couldn’t imagine pulling out of a fight, ever, for any reason, let alone a title fight, and [Jose Aldo]'s done it five times."

Mendes: Don't f@$%ing talk about teabagging me 

“The short $#!^, I don’t really give a @#!^about that. I’ve been short my whole life ... he was talking about putting balls on my head ... you don’t f@$%ing do that."

UFC 189 Embedded Episode 2: Break this guy's jaw for me? 

The featherweight title contenders Conor McGregor and Chad Mendes exchange unpleasantries on a conference call, fulfill media duties, and talk strategy.

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