Cris Cyborg blasts Gracie for remarks about her chances vs. Rousey 

Cris Cyborg: "Go promote your online students While i earn my credit Fighting, and ask The real gracies what respect means."

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Rousey vs. Zingano in clay-mation (yes, you read that correctly) 

MMA fans have come up with their own event posters, promotional videos, and more, but this is the first time we've seen one present a fight in clay-mation.

Cris Cyborg takes home $90,000 at Invicta FC 11 

Cris Cyborg took home $90,000 for defending her Invicta FC featherweight championship. The rest of the card earned a combined $44,650.

Jones, legal team looking into 'foul play' 

Jon Jones: "I do have a great legal team behind me. We haven't quite completely let it go. We wanna see what went wrong and what could be done about it."

McGregor: It's the McGregor division 

Conor McGregor is the most talked about fighter in the UFC's Featherweight division, including champion Jose Aldo, that's why he's renamed it:

Sonnen vs. 'Babalu' set for Metamoris VI 

Chael Sonnen fought Renato 'Babalu' Sobral at UFC 55. Now almost ten years later, the two will rematch, but in a professional jiu-jitsu match at Metamoris VI.

Anderson Silva hopes for rematch with Nick Diaz 

Anderson Silva: "I think have a rematch with (Nick). ready. I respect the commission now. When all this done, I go fight Nick next one."

Fedor: Russian fighters don't want my help 

Fedor Emelianenko: "Many of our fighters consider themselves to be seasoned and experienced fighters. They reject my help many times."

Fertitta 'cautiously optimistic' about MMA in NY 

Lorenzo Fertitta: We're cautiously optimistic. (New Assembly Speaker Heastie) has been a supporter in the past, but he's in a different role now."

Coach: Silva wouldn't use PEDs in 'a dirty way' 

Luiz Dorea: "We are all really sad. He’s the biggest MMA athlete of all times. He’s a correct man, would never do anything to have an advantage."

Jones: I'll never look at Anderson Silva as a cheater 

Jon Jones: "I'll never look at [Anderson Silva] as a cheater. What he's been able to accomplish throughout his career is just unbelievable.

Rousey's Mom burns Cyborg on Twitter 

It's bad enough when your opponents talk sh*t about you in the press and on social media, but when their Mom starts in on it, you better watch out.

Dos Anjos: Pettis not unbeatable 

Rafael Dos Anjos: “He’s a good fighter, but I just think he’s not unbeatable...We are on the top of the division, and whoever makes a mistake that night is going to pay for ...

Edgar: Bout with Faber definitely a 'super fight' 

Frankie Edgar: "So two guys at the top of their division, at the top of the sport for that long -- how could you not call that a super fight?"

Ace: It's sad, Silva will be remembered like Lance Armstrong 

Rich Franklin on Anderson Silva: "Much like Lance Armstrong. He won all those Tour De France’s, but as soon as he tested positive for PEDs, that’s what people remember."

ABC head positive about new UFC PED testing plans 

ABC president Tim Lueckenhoff and legal and rules committee chair Nick Lembo expressed support for the UFC's new third-party PED testing plans.

Bowles, seven more released from UFC roster 

Today it was revealed that eight fighters, including former WEC champion Brian Bowles and Brit Andy Ogle were released for their UFC contracts.

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