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3/19/07 1:14 PM
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Edited: 19-Mar-07
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I want to make some instructional clips promoting our small club. I have limited knowledge about making clips at the moment. What do you recommend for reading up (books, articles...). What topics should I focus on - lighting/audio ? I'am looking to spend about $1k on a camcorder. What should I be looking for. Thinking of a Panasonic/Sony. Eventually I want to make a promo DVD for our club with instructional clips, sparring and teaching footage. Any tips or comments would be appreciated.
5/30/07 12:29 AM
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Edited: 30-May-07
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Don't zoom, buy a tripod, and don't pan. Buy a mac. Stay away from effects. For editing. If you cannot resolve it, dissolve it. Meaning use the dissolve transition a lot to make your story smoothe
7/18/07 3:26 PM
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Edited: 18-Jul-07
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i just posted a bit about this on another thread... my suggestion for a camera is if you can get one Panasonic DVX-100A...this model is great and very easy to use. as for filming promo vids...when you start recording, dont stop. in the split second it takes you to hit the record on/off button you might miss a great shot/move/etc...so just keep recording... lighting is crucial...set up extra lights, make sure the area is well lit, even if you think its bright, the camera might see it really dark in post... the dvx has a good onboard mic, but invest in a decent shotgun or boom mic as well... like the previous post, don't zoom it gives it a amateur feel and use handheld as well as tripod shots

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