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Jen >> bolo, sample exercises?

3/20/07 10:21 PM
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Edited: 20-Mar-07
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I am really curious about trying your MBF program- i seem to injure my neck weekly doing bjj and my posture is awful- but i am a bit scared to lay the money out for online advice. I am afraid that I wont do the exercise properly or won't have the equipment. Is there anywhere that I can find a sample of the exercises that you prescribe? I am not looking for anything specific to me- not looking for a freebie- just an idea of the kind of stuff that you do. Thanks.
3/21/07 3:10 AM
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Edited: 21-Mar-07
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Sorry, I don't have samples of the exercises. You don't need any equipment. Any props you made need can be found around your house. If you don't feel like you can do the exercise properly, I would suggest having someone else watch the instruction with you and then watch you do the exercises. Actually, I suggest that to anyone who is doing the online program because it is often difficult to find the proper angles yourself initially.

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