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4/13/07 9:18 AM
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judo man
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I remebering when I used to train TKD as a kid. My dojang was affiliated to this federation. The kata, pumse, hyung or whatever there called were very similar to the ITF. What reputation does Global Taekwon do Federation have? I think the WTF should have more crediblity because its more focused on the Olympic sport. I ask this because it took most of its members five years to get the first degree black belt. Not in three or two but in five as a minimum and no my instructor did not make us believe were deadly fighting machines. It seemed quite legit in my opinion Carlos
4/15/07 5:21 PM
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I think the GTF is a break-away organization from the ITF. The International TKD Federation has had a number of senior-ranking member break off and form their own organizations ... heck, I think there are at least 2 if not more ITF organizations calling themselves the one-true ITF.

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