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4/17/07 11:02 AM
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Jonathan Berman
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The first PDR outside of Montreal was recently held in Albany, NY. The Friday session during which returning coaches trained exclusively with Coach Blauer was as information- and light-bulb- packed a day as I've ever experienced with BTS. The first half of the day was dominated by an in-depth integration of PDR-inflected exercises embracing Crossfit's philosophy of variance and intensity. Coach Blauer took us through a profound methodology in balancing "the sport of fitness" (Crossfit's phrase) with the skill of survival. We learned and shared exercises and routines specifically designed to develop and support tactical strength, endurance, agility, and coordination, all the while maintaining the bio-mechanical and behavioral integrity of how our bodies respond in the chaos of a real fight. And we left with a blueprint for researching and developing our own routines. The second half was a 3-dimensional BMF exploration of the Groundfight. This was the fourth BMF-related training I've done with Tony in little more than a year, and I kid you not, it positively blows me away how, while maintaining the profundity of the foundation and the formulas, he continues to deepen and evolve the entire experience. Every time there is something novel or new that heightens an already existing perspective or comes out of left-field to present a gift to the coach/practitioner tool box. One example in this particular instance is how we learned to isolate and then combine discrete sensory cues within the context of the overall formula. I've alluded to this a lot, but the more I engage, the truer it becomes - any exertion to get to and any time spent at a BTS event is well worth the effort. Thanks to all involved.

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