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4/17/07 3:39 PM
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Edited: 17-Apr-07
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My Sincerest Thanks and appreciation to the Coaches and staff at Blauer Tactical for a truly excellent PDR experience. In my exuberance and abject elation in the moments nearing the end I may have misquoted Oscar Wilde verbiage, but nevertheless,the sentiment still echoes: "The mind once expanded to a new dimension never reverts to its original state"... Basically, I wanted to let everyone understand that after my first PDR I was so taken aback, by the shere tonnage of information, realisations and growth experienced that I assumed that incrementally that was the most I could have experienced. The PDR 15 literally dwarfed that and reminded me of the joy of constant learning. I strongly recommend that one spend as much time with the staff at BTS as it is pure genius that we are being exposed to. As a returning coach I was not only elated to share time with Coach Blauer, but felt that I had spent enough time in the past to truly absorb the pearls of wisdom being thrown my way. Coach Tom was truly accommodating and working with him in the BMF session earned a newfound respect for the guy who talks the talk and walks the walk. Thank you for having us gel with you in that session. We all know the BTS Maxim, the degree of clarity with which you define something...- well Coach Torres is the epitome of Clarity and his definitions will resound with me for times to come. Great Job returning coaches, especially Carlo, Aka,(SP) and Claude. Your insight always proves as a teaching tool for me. See you all at the Camp in Orlando....
4/23/07 4:46 PM
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Tony Torres
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Edited: 23-Apr-07
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Vit, Thanks so much for the kind words. What really makes the PDR so special is the participation of the outstanding martial arts professionals like you, who's drive, integirty, and dedication in providing a thorough self defense education to their students, truly make our team a success. Thank you for being an important part of our team. Tony Torres
4/24/07 1:20 PM
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Edited: 24-Apr-07
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Vit, You are the man. The speech you made at the end of the course, at the table, was an inspiration! I look forward to the next BTS course we have together. Thanks, Aka

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