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4/25/07 12:02 PM
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(from the Fox Chicago Blogs)

Everywhere you look, there's an advocacy group opposing everything from illegal immigration, to putting too much sugar in your Dunkachino. They all get "charitable status", and therefore pay no taxes.....but get a lot of unneccessary airtime with the networks and newspapers.

People have discovered that if you have a body of more than 1, call yourself an "advocacy group" and have a fax machine so you can send your "press releases", you can get the media's attention.

Kind of on the subject of yesterday's raids in the Little Village (of illegals) Neighborhood in Chicago, in Elgin a few weeks ago, police executed a search warrant looking for a gang-banger, known to carry weapons. They were 12-15 strong and came in through all sides of the house, breaking down doors and coming through windows to take the criminal(s) by surprise. Unfortunately.....the person(s), nor the weapons they were looking for were there, but an elderly black couple was, who immediately called the local "black advocacy group" in town who marched them straight down to the police department to file a complaint as to how this raid was conducted.

Then they went to the Elgin City Council, who immediately, without so much as an investigation, chastised police and told the couple to 'send them the bill' for the damage to their home caused by this seemingly uncaring police department.

Just the fact that they responded this way have now given gang-bangers the perfect front:

Make sure when you're conducting your illegal business (be it selling drugs or guns), grandma and grandpa are in the house, IN the livingroom at all times!!!

This way......they can sue the police for scarying them to death and with the million dollars that some scumbag lawyer will help them get from the city, maybe they can give back to the community a little! Maybe some cheaper crack, or FREE guns for their friends!!

Politicians are becoming more and more sickening as time passes. One of Elgin PD's Deputy Chief's jokingly suggested maybe an email, or flowers next time in advance of the raid, would be ok for the couple. ;-)

You know that won't be enough so......I suggest they run police or federal agents around the block for an hour in circles (kind of like a game of Musical Chairs!) before taking down whatever building they have to go into. That should be warning enough! Maybe they could also carry sparklers and sing the National Anthem in Spanish (in ICE's cases) to make the people comfortable! I would also get rid of those ugly black flack jackets and get bright green, or pink....maybe like a flourescent or glow in the dark (for those scary night-time raids!). This way, the lookouts for the gang-bangers and drug dealers could see them coming a mile or 2 away and make sure he warns his friends well in advance so grandma and grandpa aren't so startled!

Oh yeah.....one last thing. Federal Agents should have to drive Red VW Beetles with the little antennas and black dots on them. Maybe.....just maybe then......these raids wouldn't be such a surprise and people (aka criminals and those who aide and abet them) could stop their whining. ;-) 

The same atrocities are being screamed now out of the Little Village neighborhood in Chicago. "Oh the machine guns, the bullet-proof vests and the handcuffs, oh my!" cried Chicago Alderman Rick Munoz, who stated to the media that him and his father KNOW about the crime that went on the mall where his father owns (are you ready for this) a printing company, but they turn their heads to it.

People like Alderman Rick Munoz and that black elderly couple who's house was raided in elgin, turn their heads to the crimes going on around them, and then wonder why police come in with a vengence, when they do come in.

The fact that FOX and the other media outlets also portrayed this as an "unfair", or an "overkill" raid is pretty sick and hypocritical. On one newscast, they're reporting about gang-violence which has a GREAT DEAL to do with the illegal Hispanics in the City of Chicago, and then on the TEN, they're acting so "shocked" that ICE would/could do such a thing!

Report this for what it is. The Feds trying to do their jobs, with the little resources they've been given, or just go back to reporting about altered pigeon eggs in Chicago.

4/26/07 10:01 AM
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u r gay
6/19/07 2:37 PM
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"Seriously, we need to start rounding up and EXECUTING illegal immigrants. Then they will stop coming or get the hell out." Why would eliminating all illegal immigrants be a favorable situation?
7/31/07 12:57 PM
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Can we start with Eurpean Americans first?
10/7/07 10:13 PM
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"Why would eliminating all illegal immigrants be a favorable situation?" It would raise wages for our unskilled workers and reduce the external costs of illegal aliens, like car accidents without insurance, TB and Chagas disease, etc.

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