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4/30/07 11:07 PM
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Edited: 30-Apr-07
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I've seen a few threads in here on the subject so I know some of you guys know what you're talking about. I found this ad in the reefcentral forums: 55 gallon set-up for sale. Walnut trim, walnut knockdown (open bottom) stand, 2 power heads powersweep type, a 220 watt Jebo PC fixture, a Bio-wheel filter (350?), about 25 lbs or so of live rock, about 40 or so lbs live sand, 300w titanium heater, glass canopy's and other lights are with it as well the tank is filled and running right now till someone picks it up $ 100.00 TAKES IT ALL !!!!!!!!!!! http://img265.imageshack.us/img265/1001/picture024fe9zo3.jpg http://img265.imageshack.us/img265/759/picture027ih6oe4.jpg Is this a good deal? I'm just getting into the hobby and know next to nothing, but this guy lives near me and I figure if its a good deal I could stock up on some beginner suppplies while I continue to research the subject. Thanks for any help.
7/26/08 4:40 PM
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Great deal but if you are getting into expensive fish/live rock, you need something better than a biowheel. It will do for now but eventually you need a better filter, or no filter (in lieu of more live rock) and a good protein skimmer, which IMHO is the way to go. Post pics if you bought it :)

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