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5/25/09 9:16 PM
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Doesn't listen to anyone that tells you it's hard; it's not.

Regardless of whether it actually is or is not hard for you, if you say it's hard you're giving yourself an out before you even start to not really learn it or get a decent grade.

It helps if you can get each bit of info you learn in multiple viewpoints several separate times.

Learn how to read your textbook (many people don't know how or don't bother, if it doesn't make sense to you pause at the end of each paragraph and try to rephrase everything the author just said in your own words on a separate sheet of paper. If you can't figure out a paragraph, take it a sentence at a time.), recopy your notes in a more organized and detailed fashion after lectures, and (if you feel it's necessary) buy a study guide and read through that.

If you spend enough time working practice problems (it's good to mentally rehearse the why you are doing whatever you are doing to solve the problem while you do it), you don't have anything to fear when it comes to the tests, so try to work a lot of practice problems. It's better to do a few each day than it is to do a bunch in a single sitting on sunday and forget about them the rest of the week.
7/22/09 12:49 PM
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gonna possibly need this ttt
1/10/10 5:26 PM
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judo man
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I recommend you use algebraic equations for balancing in stoichiometry. Some people just tell you do it by looking at 'em.

Chemistry lab is boring as hell though. Just remember that the Periodic table is organized according to the ratio size starting from biggest to smallest. The ionization energy increases while the atomic ratio decreases starting from left to right.

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